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jGuru: Introduction to JavaServer Pages technology

JavaServer Pages Fundamentals

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The Java Developer ConnectionSM (JDC) presents a Short Course written by JavaTM Software licensee jGuru (formerly named the MageLang Institute). This Short Course provides an introduction to JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) technology. jGuru hasbeen dedicated to promoting the growth of the Java technology community through evangelism, education, and software since 1995. You can find out more about their activities, including community-driven FAQs and online learning, at Please send comments about the course to JSP is the way to separate the look and feel of the web page from the underlyingbusiness logic, so that it is web server and platform independent. This course teaches you how to use JSP to develop dynamic web sites, by exploring the syntax and components of JSP development. NOTE: Using JSP with JDBC will be covered in a future JDC course that explains JDBC.

After completing this module you will understand the: q Advantages of JSP technology q JSP architecture q Lifecycle of a JSP page q JSP syntax and semantics q Role of JavaBeanTM components within JSP pages (1 of 3) [9/22/2000 8:41:44 AM]

jGuru: Introduction to JavaServer Pages technology

By the end of this module you will be able to: q Manage session-related information from JSP q Communicate between JSP pages qProcess forms with JSP

A general familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts and the Java programming language. If you are not familiar with these capabilities, see the Java Tutorial. The exercises require the ability to modify and build simple Java programs and HTML-like pages. It may also help to understand the fundamentals of Web computing and servlets. For help onservlet-specific issues, see the earlier Fundamentals of Java Servlets course, though that is based on the Servlets 2.1 API, instead of the newer 2.2 version.

About the Author
Govind Seshadri is Software Guru for the jGuru portal. He is a frequent speaker on advanced Java development issues at Java/Object conferences worldwide, and has over 10 years of software development experience. Govind isalso the author of Enterprise Java Computing: Applications and Architecture from Cambridge University Press (1999).

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jGuru: Introduction to JavaServer Pages technology



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jGuru: Exercises: JavaServer Pages Fundamentals

JavaServer PagesTM Fundamentals

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The Anatomy of an Exercise Exercise Design Goals Installing and Configuring Tomcat Exception Handling in JSP Understanding JSP Object Scope Form...
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