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A continuación se encuentran una seria de imágenes con una pregunta. Responda cada pregunta de acuerdo a lo que usted ve en la imagen.

What are those kids doing?
A:/ The boy and the girl are playing video games.
A:/ They are playing video games.
A:/ Those kids are playingvideo games.

1. Rta: Those kids are playing video games

What are those people doing?
1. Rta : camping

What is it?
1. Rta : car

Whatis it?
1. Rta : cat

What does the woman do?

1. Rta : reading

What is the dog doing?
1. Rta : dog is jumping

What kind of fruits arethere?
1. Rta : grape , apple,pear,banana,orange

What is the girl doing?
1. Rta : running

What are the colors of those T-shirts?
1. Rta :Yellow,red,blue

How many books are carrying the man?
1. Rta : Seven

What is the color of the car?
1. Rta : Black
What is the man doing?
1.Rta : is driving

What is he going to do?
1. Rta : Eating

What is he doing?
1. Rta : is reading

2. He is __sleeping _ on the bed

3.What is he doing?
Rta : is running

Who are they?
4. Rta : Grand father , grandson

What are they doing?
5. Rta : are running

6. Theyare _ cooks __sea food

What does he do?
7. Rta : He is police oficcer

What does he do?
8. Rta : is footballer

What things are in the table?9. Rta : Books ,lamp,pencils

What is he doing?
10. Rta : swimming

What is she doing?
Rta : is drinking water

What is she doing?
Rta : writing
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