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Read and answer the questions

Christmas is an important Christian holiday in Europe and North America. It is celebrated on December 25th. In the weeks before Christmas, Christmas trees are put up in homes and offices and are beautifully decorated. People dress up as Santa Clausand sit in shopping malls giving children presents. Christmas carols are played and sung in the malls and on the streets.

Families and friends usually exchange presents. Families share a Christmas meal that usually consists of roast turkey, roast potatoes and a large choice of vegetables followed by Christmas Pudding and Mince pies. Some people prefer Christmas parties where they drink beer, wineand sometimes champagne. Since shops and entertainment centers are closed, not many people go out at Christmas, unless they are going to church or to visit families. Christmas celebrations are not just on December 25th as people celebrate on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas which is called Boxing Day. Santa Claus is part of the Christmas festivities and small children believe he bringstheir presents down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Children believe that he lives in the North Pole and travels with his reindeers to deliver presents to children around the world. Some people traditionally leave a glass of sherry for Santa and a carrot for his reindeers. There is lots of excitement on Christmas morning as children get up VERY early to open their presents.
1. List three ways peoplein England celebrate Christmas
Families share a Christmas meal
Families and friends usually exchange presents
People dress up as Santa Claus giving children presents

2. Why don’t most people go out on Christmas Day?
Because shops and entertainment centers are closed

3. What is Boxing Day?
The day after chrismas

4. What two things do children believe about Santa Claus?
He bringstheir presents down the chimney
And travels with his reindeers to deliver presents

5. Where can children see Santa Claus?
Children can see Santa Claus in the mall.

6. Why is there a lot of excitement on Christmas morning?
Because children get up very early to open their presents

7. What was the most interesting piece of information in the text? Why?
On chrismas morning because childrenopen their presents

Read the text and answer the questions that follow.
Many people are afraid that if they say no to their bosses their bosses will think badly of them. Some people are even afraid they will lose their jobs. Some people find it difficult to say no because they get a good feeling of being needed. Ed Turi, an instructor of leadership and organizational behavior at IndianaWesleyan University, thinks that saying no is more of a problem than most people realize. He believes that people have a right to say no to their bosses. However, saying no takes practice and determination. Here are some suggestions on how to be more assertive and not always be the one who gets stuck working extra hours at the office or taking work home over the weekend.

First, make sure youunderstand your boss' goals and objectives. You want to make your boss look good, and it helps to understand the pressures your boss has as well as knowing how he or she works. Is your boss someone who puts out fires as they come up or is he organized and a good planner? Does your boss really know what you are doing and the pressures that you have?

Experts like Ed Turi suggest building a relationshipwith your boss that will allow you to refuse a request whenever you think the request is not reasonable. "When there are conflicting needs, you can work out a compromise," Turi says. "It's not always saying no; it's creating a strong relationship." Lisa Autry, associate director of human resources and corporate development for Benicorp Insurance Co. agrees with Turi. She also says that building a...
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