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Is a type of malware that collect information about users without knowledge. Usually, spyware secretly installed on the users' personal computer. Nevertheless, sometimes keyloggersare installed by the owner of a shared, public or corporate computer on purpose in order to secretly monitor other users.

Spyware has quickly evolved from an online nuisance to one of themost dire threats facing the Internet. As users struggle to maintain control over their computers, many find themselves trapped in a cyclical battle against programs that install themselves withoutwarning, open dangerous security holes and reinstall themselves after they've been uninstalled.

Spyware (and Other Potentially Unwanted Technologies)

Technologies deployed without appropriate userconsent and/or implemented in ways that impair user control over:

Material changes that affect their user experience, privacy, or system security;
Use of their system resources, including whatprograms are installed on their computers; and/or
Collection, use, and distribution of their personal or other sensitive information.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition was convened to bolster thatdefense, by building on the great strides the technology industry has already made to combat the spyware problem. In recent years, computer and software makers have taken serious steps to safeguard theirproducts and to educate consumers about how to avoid falling victim to spyware.

1 Adware

An adware program is any program that automatically runs, display or Web advertising to computer downafter I installed the program or while using the application. 'Ad' on the word 'adware' refers to 'advertisement' (ads) in English. Some adware is also shareware, and these users have the option ofpaying for a registered or licensed version, which usually eliminates the ads.

Some adware programs have been criticized for occasionally including code that tracks a user's personal information and...
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