Natural blends

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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Natural Blends Inc

Here we have 3 processes to consider, the Extraction, Filtration and Concentration.
Extraction has a maximum capacity of 20,000 lbs/hr
Filtration has amaximum capacity of 20,000 lbs/hr
Concentration has a maximum capacity of 18,000 lbs/hr

For Extraction we have a setup time of 20 minutes.
For Filtration we have a setup time of 30 minutes after 90minutes of filtration.
For Concentration there is no setup time loss.
The processes are simultaneous in nature, and there is no buffer in between. So, if there is a shutdown of a single process, theentire system shuts down.

Now, if we do consider a 2 hour time slot, then there will be effectively production for 1 and ½ hours due to filtration setup time:
For Extraction: The maximumproduction is 30,000 lbs.
For Filtration: The maximum production is 30,000 lbs.
For Concentration: The maximum production is 27,000 lbs.

So the bottle neck operation is the Concentration process and theproduction rate will be 13,500 lbs/hour. A cycle is completed in 2hrs.

Assumption: We are considering that since oranges are of same type the bin will be changed after 3 and ½ hrs ofproduction. The bin will be changed when the Filtration process will be stopped to change filter. Hence, saving valuable time.
1a. Amount of orange production possible in 1 day (8 Hrs) =13500*8=108000 lbsThere is a loss of utilization time of 30 mins (due to filtration process) per 2 hours of the whole system.

1b.The idle time for the extraction process in a day would be = (1/2)*4= 2 hours
Wesee that there is a bottle neck condition in the Concentration process, so we will install a storage capacity in between Filtration and Concentration.

2a. We will add storage tank between step 3 andstep 4. The capacity of tank will be 3000 lbs

Natural Blends Inc. ... Size 1: 180 min = 3*18 000 = 54 000 pounds Size 2: 90 min = 1, 5*18 000 = 27 000 pounds Size 3: 90 min = 1, 5*18 000 = 27 000...
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