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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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One day, on Christmas’s eve, the little girl went out to pick wood, wearing a tiny dress which barely covered his little body and a scarf thatwarmed her neck. While she was coming back to her home, she saw an old lady tremble on the way, she felt sad of the old lady and she went toher and gave her scarf and all the wood that she picked. The old lady thanked the little girl for her kindness and told her: “You’re a verylovely and kind girl, God bless you, and don’t forget that Christmas is a time for miracles”.

The little girl felt very happy for his good actand continued her way to home, when just a few steps are absent from the door’s house, she was stunned by a brilliant light that made herfalling sleep, Then like in a dream she saw the old lady convert in a very beautiful fairy that shelter her and take her to his home. Once she opensher eyes, she got surprised because everything changes for her.

Her small house became a big and fancy house; once she got inside she foundin her dining table a big banquet with all kinds of meals for her and her little brother. But not only food she found, she also found a chestfull of gold and money, and right on the top of the chest she saw the scarf that she gave to the old lady and next to it a letter which say:“Remember, Christmas is a time for miracles”.
Message of the story
Doing an act of kindness and looking for well of others, we find ours.
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