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Actividad exploratoria
Let’s Spell and Count!
In this activity you will identify and use the alphabet to sing a song
and to spell names and common words in English.
1. Listen and practice the alphabet with your teacher.
2. Listen to the song your teacher is playing and sing it. You can
obtain the song from:
3. Work in groupsof four and sing it one more time in front of
the group.
4. Identify any letter you do not know how to pronounce. Notice
that vowels are especially problematic.
• Here are some tips on how to pronounce vowels:
“a” is pronounced as in “may”
“e” is pronounced as in “e-mail” or “he”
“i” is pronounced as in “I” or “eye”
“o” is pronounced as in “no”
“u” is pronounced as in “you”
• Here youhave some tips on how to pronounce consonants:
“g” is pronounced like “j” in “jeans”
“j” is pronounced as in “DJ”
“x” is pronounced like “ex”
“y” is pronounced “why”
“z” is pronounced “zee” “sea”
5. Work in pairs. Try to spell the following words to your partner.
He or she will write them down. Check if the spelling is correct:
a) Your name (s).
b) Your last names.
c) Your teacher’s name.d) Your partner’s name.
e) Your favorite singer/actor/actress’ name
6. Practice the numbers 0 to 100. Pay special attention to the way
they are pronounced, and the spelling.
7. Your teacher will give you a flashcard with a number to do the
activity of “Circles of…”
GUIA INGLES 1-2012.indd 30 7/27/12 5:49 PM
8. Your group will make a circle and the teacher will give instructions
tomake a small group in the center with the students who have
certain number, changing numbers each turn. For example if
you teacher says: “Circles of number 7” all the students with the
number seven will pass to the center and make a circle.
9. Practice saying the numbers once again. Make a list of some
possible real situations in which you need to use numbers, for
example when you give someoneyour telephone number.
10. Let’s imagine your telephone number is: 018133777, there are
some different ways to say it:
• Oh- one- eight- one- double three- triple seven.
• Zero- one- eight- one- three, three, seven, seven, seven.
• Zero- one- eight- one- double three- triple seven.
11. For more independent practice you can visit the following web
Criterios de desempeño
• Mantener el orden durante la actividad, mostrar respeto por tus
compañeros y por tu maestro.
• Participar en la actividad de manera activa.
GUIA INGLES 1-2012.indd 31 7/27/12 5:49 PM
Actividad deadquisición de conocimiento
Leave Me a Message!
In this activity you will practice the numbers and the alphabet in a
context to learn them.
1. Practice the alphabet and the numbers with your teacher.
2. Your teacher will spell you 10 other words. Write them down in a
separate sheet of paper.
3. Pass the sheet of paper to a partner, so everybody in the group
will have one to check.
4. Check youranswers.
5. Listen and say the numbers from 0-100.
6. Working in pairs practice saying your phone numbers to each
other. Here is a suggestion on how to do it:
a) Student A: Can you give me your phone number?
b) Student B: Sure, my phone number is
and yours?
c) Student A: It is .
7. Read the next phone message:
Hi Miss Soto, my name is Luis Izaguirre. I am one of your
students in EnglishClass. Please call me back at 81 21 76
54. Th anks.
8. Change the words in italics with your own personal information,
and the details you want to include to create your phone message.
Criterios de desempeño
• Mantener el orden y una actitud respetuosa al realizar la actividad.
• Participar de manera activa en la actividad.
• El dictado debe ser entregado en una hoja aparte.
• Escribir...
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