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KONE supplier code of conduct

KONE wants to be an attractive business partner and seeks reliable, fair relations for the mutual benefit of KONE and its suppliers. KONE expects from its suppliers competence and continuous improvement in quality, cost control, innovation and reliability. This KONE Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) illustrates the values according to which KONE operates globally.KONE expects all of its suppliers to conform to the policies defined below in their dealings with KONE, their own employees and suppliers, as well as third parties including government officials and others. KONE requires its suppliers to read and conform to the principles defined below.

KONE Supplier Code of Conduct Version 1.0 Date November, 2008 Copyright © KONE Corporation 2008.

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1.1 General Requirements KONE requires its suppliers to be committed to ethical conduct, full compliance with all applicable national laws and international treaties, and respect for human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized standards. 1.2 Compliance with Laws and Rules of Society KONE requires its suppliers to be committed to full compliance with all applicablelaws and regulations. These guidelines are not a substitute for, nor should they be considered to override, applicable laws and regulations. They represent supplementary principles and standards of behavior of a non-legal character. 1.3 Intellectual Property and Publicity KONE expects its suppliers to conform to all applicable laws and international treaties on intellectual property and to refrainfrom infringing on either KONE’s or third party’s intellectual property rights. KONE expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable agreements on confidentiality or non-disclosure. Furthermore, suppliers are entitled to publicize their cooperation with KONE or utilize KONE trademarks only to the extent KONE has expressly given prior written authorization. In the event that such explicitauthorization exists, suppliers are expected to comply with all instructions and guidelines that KONE may from time to time issue. 1.4 Improper payments or benefits No direct or indirect payments or hospitalities, (such as entertainment or gifts) of an excessive nature shall be made by KONE’s suppliers for the benefit of KONE’s employees, any governmental representative or employee, labor union, orcurrent or prospective customers or suppliers for the purpose of improperly obtaining benefits of any kind. No supplier shall accept any improper benefit from any source. 1.5 Conflict of Interest Suppliers shall avoid all conflicts of interest or situations giving the appearance of a potential conflict of interest while engaged with KONE. A conflict of interest occurs when a representative of asupplier seeks to further his/her personal interest, or that of a friend or relative, due to his/her position as a representative of a supplier. Suppliers are required to report any situations of potential or apparent conflicts between their personal interests and the interests of KONE. KONE requests suppliers to confirm to KONE that they are not directly or indirectly owned by KONE employees or theirimmediate family or that such persons have not otherwise any vested interest in the supplier. Suppliers must immediately disclose in writing any such changes in their ownership should they later occur.

KONE Supplier Code of Conduct Version 1.0 Date November, 2008 Copyright © KONE Corporation 2008.

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KONE provides safe, environmentally efficient and responsible highperformance services, modernizations and solutions. KONE strives for continuous improvement in all of its business activities by following applicable rules and regulations, and working with its suppliers and customers to prevent or reduce emissions and waste related to business operations. KONE expects its suppliers to conform to the same values and more specifically to the principles outlines...