Oraciones en ingles con should,can, thougs althougs etc

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1. Can you please let me eat?
2. Can you please cut my the hair?
3. Can you please give me a chance?
4. Can you please buy mea pencil?
5. Can you please read the book?
6. Can you please sweep the garden?
7. Can you please repair the car?
8. Can you please finish your lunch?
9. Can you please do the homework?
10. Can you please be quiet?

11. You should visit the Science Museum
12. You shouldn't miss the famous Big Ben
13. You should call a doctor
14.He should do exercise
15. She should eat more
16. They should do their homework
17. I should go to the school
18. They shouldn´t watch porn
19. He shouldn´t work to much
20. They shouldn´t fight

21. He is a good lawyer
22. Abdy drives carefully in the city
23. The miss teddy bear is extremely beautiful
24. He is good playingsoccer
25. It´s a terrible afternoon
26. Study in administration is extremely easy
27. She is driving awful a Toyota car
28. Luis is dancing ridiculously in the park
29. She snores loudly
30. The car is loud

31. My mother is both nice and strict
32. You should not drink and drive.
33. We eat at home and work in the office.
34. We had a salad and anice cream.
35. We went to the swimming pool and had lunch there
36. We have a dog and three cats
37. He played the guitar and sang wonderful songs
38. Es difícil para un estudiante trabajar y estudiar al mismo tiempo
39. Emanuel spent his holidays swimming, sleeping, and eating
40. This is my son and that is my daughter

41. She bought a ring, but she lost it.42. She is rich, but unhappy
43. He's not only conceited but also selfish
44. I like hamburgers but I don´t have money.
45. My brother went there, but I did not.
46. Start the machine, but use it only for two hours.No one replied but me.
47. There is but one God.
48. The summer was very chilly, but the winter was mild.
49. I will do it but I do not like it.
50.Nothing but the best

51. There were 35 or 40 people there
52. Hands up or I'll shoot!
53. He can't read or write
54. Do you want a cake or an ice-cream
55. We'd better leave right now or we'll miss our bus.
56. Can you do that by yourself, or you need my help?
57. He never works. He is always sleeping or watching TV
58. With all that money, they could buy anew house or travel around the world
59. Would you like tea(,) or would you prefer coffee?
60. I want an apple an orange

61. The musician neither played the piano well nor sang good songs.
62. Jack neither wrote nor telephoned.
63. Bill didn't come today, nor will he come tomorrow
64. I want neither to work nor to study
65. She drinks neither wine nor beer66. Neither Susan nor Bill wants to see that film
67. She wants neither ice cream nor cake
68. Neither the orchestra nor the chorus was able to overcome the terrible acoustics in the church
69. He is neither rich nor famous.
70. Neither Sonya nor Borya read about any accident in the paper

71. He wanted to reply to that accusation, yet he didn't.
72. He was only aboy then, yet he was not afraid
73. small yet strong
74. and yet I like him
75. yet I can't help feeling we're wasting our time
76. She can play the piano very well, yet she can’t read music at all.
77. The yachtsman had lost all sense of direction, yet he refused to give up in his attempt to cross the Atlantic.
78. Rocky terrorizes the poodles next door yet adores the...
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