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How you could package the following items?

First of all, how would we package this little rubber duck?, ok, we can package it in a little square box, the boxcolors must be blue and yellow (yellow for the duck and blue representing a lake), a picture of our little duck will be printed in the front of the box along thename of the product, in this case “B.Ducky”, when you open the box, there will be our product involved in a protector plastic.

Now a little car, it will beinside a rectangular box, at the left side, because in the right side will be the instructions, because this is an electronic car, and in them you will be able tolearn how to use it. The box is most red colored, because this color will represent the speed, and people will be persuaded to buy it if they see that the car isfast. In a corner will be a little phrase “Welcome to the speed world”, and in the middle just in front the car’s picture will be the name of the product, “SPC”.The box is tough in order to protect the car.

This robot will be packed in a small box, because this robot is very small, besides it can be taken to pieces. Theinstructions to assemble it will be inside the robot’s head, so you have to take it out. The little box is square-shaped. The colors of the box are grey, blackand dark blue. The image of the robot is in the front, a little speech bubble will come out from the robot’s mouth, sayin’ “I want to dance with you”, in that waythe parents will see it like a friendly toy and will be delighted to buy it to their sons. The brand icon will be below the robot’s name “D.Bot” (Dancer Robot)
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