Plan de negocios

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|How to Develop and Use a Business Plan |
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|An Edward Lowe In-Depth Business Builder|
|A well-prepared business plan is more than a necessary tool to seek funding. It should also be a functional road map for your growth |
|strategy. |
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|For any business to be successful, it must be started and operated with a clear understanding of its customers, its internal strengths, |
|its competitive environment, and a vision of how it will evolve to compete in the future. A business also needs money to start, to |
|operate, and to grow. By expending the effort to develop acomprehensive business plan, you will have a powerful tool for attracting |
|investors. Your business plan is the roadmap for your company. It clearly states where you are, how you got there, and how you plan to |
|proceed. |
|This Business Builder steps youthrough the process of developing a comprehensive business plan. Although businesses may vary with |
|regard to the products or services they offer, there are specific elements that a potential investor will look for in any business plan.|
|Therefore, every well thought-out business plan includes a description of products and services, a competitive analysis, a marketing |
|plan, a managementplan, and a financial plan. Your business plan will provide you — and potential investors or lenders — with a clear |
|understanding of your objectives, strategies, and financial viability. |
|Business plans are prepared as a necessary instrument for raising capital from potential investors, bankers and other lenders. It is an |
|essential document when taking your business public or selling all or part of a company. In fact, without one,soliciting a bank for |
|funds is pointless. To lenders or potential investors, it not only provides information and reveals an evaluation of your venture's |
|feasibility, but also reflects your management abilities. An analytical, objective business plan convinces lenders that you are capable,|
|organized and prepared. One that is poorly researched, or makes unsupported assumptions shows thatyou are inexperienced and in their |
|eyes…reckless. Lenders receive an enormous amount of proposals and usually don't spend much time with them. That means your plan has |
|only a few minutes to make a good impression, and must stand alone as an initial sales tool. Do the best job you can, and let it |
|favorably represent you as the capable, competent business owner that you...
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