Quiz review

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Quiz review

I. Express agreement or disagreement

A. I like salty food: agree: So do I /I do too. disagree: oh, I don-t like itB. I can-t stand greasy food: agree: Neither can I/I can"t either. disgree: Oh, I can

C. I think Chilean food is delicious: agree: I do too/So doI. disagree: Really? I don-t like Chilean food

D. I don-t drink alcoholic beverages: agree: Neither do I/I don-t either. disagree: Oh, I do/drinkII-Talk about the food you like and dislike, express how it is when you eat it,

I like lasagna .I eat it on weekends. It tastes so good, it-sreally delicious, It-s a bit greasy, though.
I don-t like tripes (edible seaweed, onion, chicken, blood sausage) because it is smelly and it doesn-ttaste good.

III-Complete the conversation at a restaurant

a. ______________________ Order? What would you like to order? would you like toorder?, May I take your order?

b. Yes.________________________ salad. I"d like a green/carrot/lettuce salad, I"ll have a…

c.What____________________ like? Kind of dressing would you like?

d. I________________________ blue cheese. I"d like…/ I"ll have

e.Would___________________________ anything to drink? you like

f. No.____________ all. That "ll be all.


A. Give advise to someone whohas an overweight

B. How often do you go to restaurants? are they good?

C. How often do you go to fast food restaurants?do you like them?
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