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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Liceo Republica Argentina


Name: Luis Alberto Ojeda Flores

Grade: “4ºA”

Teacher: Andrea Artigas

Asignature: English

Delivery Time: 30/05/2011

Review of theBoy in the Striped Pajamas

❖ The film of the boy in the striped pajamas was released 26th of September of 2008 under the direction of Mark Herman and Inspired by the book of the same title of theIrish author John Boyne written in the 2006, he wrote this novel only two and a half days, no sleep to write the final. The actors who were in this film were: Asa Butterfield (Bruno), he dida great role in this film and that led him to be nominated for the award for most promising newcomer, Vera Farmigas (Elsa/Mother), David Thewlis (Ralph/Father), Jack Scanlon (Shmuel), Sheila Hancock(Nathalie/Grandmother), Richard Johnson (Grandfather), Rupert Friend (Tte. Kotler), Amber Beattie (Gretel), Cara Horgan (Maria), David Hayman (Pavel), Jim Norton (Herr Liszt). This film was made ​​inthe landscapes of the United States and United Kingdom resulting in this movie with great scenery and very realistic.

❖ The story is about a boy named Bruno that decisions of their parents are going to livesomewhere elsewhere, Bruno one day sees the window of his room and sees something that he says farm but what really the Nazi concentration camp where Jews were killed. Bruno one day away fromhome and finds a door that enters and meets aboy who separates from a fence. Shmuel Bruno befriends. A Bruno's parents decide to leave the house and go live somewhereelse and before leaving Bruno is seen withShmuel, Bruno takes the suit prisoner & together they find the father of Samuel, whenGerman soldiers come take a group of people in which two children were and are being taken to the gaschamber, making the end of the film into a tragedy in which Bruno and Shmuel die from this camera

ϖ This film is one of the best, exciting and tragic I’ve seen, but never the less has some points that I...
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