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The MBA Manager – Business Ethics and Leadership

The organizations must have a conscience, a company on its business environment acts like a person on its immediate social group. When one organization try to stay away from its environment make a risk approach: burying the head on hearth forgetting about the reality and the impact that could cause on theenvironment or the environment can cause on the organization. Is pretty hard to talk about organization or corporation conscience without get involved in a philosophical issue. Starting with the fact of the analogy, that some people consider out of sense: comparison of a corporation and a person?. Thinking that the corporation are the way that one society give to one person o group of persons the ability toget related with other organization we can make a first analogy that a corporation it’s a way to represent a person or group or persons, so it is possible to assume that this analogy could in-heritage some features of the person. As soon as the person with the idea(called sometimes entrepreneur) became the small idea in a large corporation, all the things starts to change and becoming hard tohandle, and at this point the management disciplines give to the entrepreneur some tools to give a “corporate identity”. Yes an identity that think that each one of us have, those features that make to each person unique. Again appears clues that give us the opportunity to confirm that corporations are like humans. But humans are not alone they live a community, they share space and common objectiveswith other humans, and they build rules that give the possibility to share some community benefits without hurt the rest of community. The same way to get related with other people in community works for corporations that share a business environment that we can call market, and on the market have been had rules and some protocols to share goals across companies. As important as is the communityfor the person it’s the business environment for the company, that environment give the possibility to get in contact with other corporations and get affected in a good or bad manner from it. The environment give to the company the possibility to access to markets and resources so for that entity called corporation or company it’s critical to got a good balance between market and resources,markets offer the possibility to exchange goods and services and resources give access to raw material to be transformed in finished goods. More of the companies clearly understand the first part of the relation: with the market and understand that it’s obligated to deliver appropriated goods/services. But the second part has less importance for many companies and that could became in a problem in themedium or long term. Some companies forgets to analyze what’s its role?, some companies got blind to see and respond for its role on the environment that have been affected by/for. Most of the corporations have been understand that and have build an strong ethical and social compromises and put the company in a close relation with its environment, having an “starring role” and given a value addedto the company: corporate image that typically reinforce the firs part of the relation, giving a social strong image.

Shell in Nigeria fail on the understand of their policy of “strict commercialism” and close its eyes about some situations on its environment, that initially looks as out of their scope but with the past of the time finally put to the company in the eye of the hurricane, anddiminish the good name (or good-will) of the company on the society with the priceless impact of that. Companies with the strengths of Shell cannot take a comfortable position in situations no matter if that could be interpreted as political, such kind of companies should use its global power to bring to the local scene the appropriate entities that could balance the chaos. Here in Colombia we’ve...
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