Setting goals for college students

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Setting Goals for college students
College is a difficult part of life. Students can from highs school to start a new step in their life. The step which they will have a better life in the future. However, how can student improve in college to get better grades? In college, students should be focus all the time in theirhomework, and also in get all the work done in time. They need to have a good way to setting goals in college. They will need a good time management, so they can get everything done on time. Also, have good study habits and good organization to do their homework good. They key is to know how to set goals. This essay will explain ways of setting goals for college students.
When the students are incollege, one of the most important things for them is to know how to manage their time well. For students having a good time management will make them have all their homework done on time. They won’t have problems in the future with their classes and to get everything done. In the article “My lazy Americans” the author talks about how the students don’t have a good management of time. It says thatthey also waste their time playing video games such as “Modern Warfare” or “Halo”. Therefore, by the time they need to do their homework, they won’t get it done on time. Students should be more organize with their time, (Kary Miller, 2009). They should know that there is always time for everything in life. However, they should have as a priority their college homework.
That article also saysthat when students realize that they are doing bad in a class, they most of the time go and talk to the professor to see if they can do extra-credit work to improve the grade that they have already, (Kary Miller, 2009). By the time they do that it could be late and they won’t have the time to do what they didn’t do before in a couple of days.
Students also need to have good study habits in collegeto have a good time there. Having study habits is related to time management because management of time is a habit that everyone should have. Study habits for student is the best way to be organize in college and do everything by your own. Without anyone telling the students that they have to do their homework, taking the initiative to do what a student need to be always improving and gettinggood grades. According to the article “What happened to study?” The author talks about how bad are the study habits of the college students. Also it mentions about the time management and one class needs at least 2 hours to study. “So if students are taking a full load of 15 credit hours, they should be studying for 30 hours,” said Jillian Kinzie, the associate director of the National Survey ofStudent Engagement, a nonprofit at Indiana University, (Keith O’Brien). In the article mention that the time management is not happening as Jillian Kinzie says about that. College students need to improve their study habits to have time to do all they need to get good grades.
The article also talks about simple things as going to the library or being an initiative person. Going to the librarywould to student to get better grades and have more time to get all the work done. It will also make improve their study habits, (Keith O’Brien). And being and initiative person will help the students to do what they need to do at that moment, without wasting time. Therefore, they will feel good about accomplish their goals and it will keep them to get better grades and being a better college student.Another important thing for college students is make short term and long term goals. First of all, they should know the differences between both of them. They should that is always better to make a short term goal than a long term goal. A short term goal will always lead the student to a long term goal. For example, if the student make the goal to get an “A” in the next biology text, that...
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