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There are various systems of game e.g.: 1-4-3-3, 1-4-4-2, shutout - 5-2, 1-4-1-4-1, shutout - 4-2, 1-4-3-2-1 etc. The system to use choose it the role of coach: depending on the players who have or conviction of its principles and security in a system. The movements of the players will depend on what you want the coach made his players, both in defence and attack? TACTICA?. Do do do speak ofeach function and specific movements based on each system would take us quite some time, but let us look at the four basic lines of the system 1-4 - 4-2: designation: 1 goalkeeper or cancerbero, 4 defensive zone? defenses?, 4 core area? media? and 2 area of attack front or tips?. In the defensive zone both of the ends are called lateral defenses, those of the Centre Central defenses. Do if one ofthe Central is situated behind the other three is called a free defence? obsolete?. In the spinal cord area means the ends are called foreign media and the centro-campistas Centre. If a Media Center performs movements towards the defence called half defensive and if you make them joining the front offensive environment. In the area of the strikers if the striker is placed between the media andanother striker is a right-winger. Functions and space to use: defenses the goalkeeper is the first defender of the team. Attempt to send, protect and put their defence to avoid any action contrary goal. Area of work the goal or arch, also unfolds for the penalty area. The side its first mission is to protect the goal and prevent against attackers from within its framework. Help with coverage tothe Central and carry the ball to their media whether foreign or centres. If we divide the field into four pieces lengthwise, your workspace is located in an outside and goes from his penalty area to areas of the opposing team media, you could also unfold the position of the external environment and reach the opposite area, but the work would be very large. The Central as well as the sides.Protect the goal, prevent against attackers are placed in action shooting or falling within its framework with the ball. Carry out aid and coverage to its sides. Ball position put it and giving it to his fellow media centers and sides. Along with the Division before the workspace of the Central it is situated in the two central divisions and ranges from the penalty area to the area of the media onthe opposing team. Foreign media must help to defenders in the protection of the framework. Narrow the possible space that can be generated on the back of the sides. Avoid that the sides can feel unprotected and are occasionally with two attacking opponents by a defenseman. Help the media centres in the work of offensive creation of team and avoid the creation of the offensive play of the opposingteam. Prepare the output in attack or possible counter-attack settling in very open position on the field when we have the ball and try to bring the ball to the goal goes against and put it at the foot of the forwards or become potential attackers. Its area of work ranges from the area of media or principle of the penalty area until the penalty of the opposing team area. It can occupy area ofmiddle Centre both defence and attack. His movement would look more like a serpent in zig-zag. Media centers are the axis or the cog in the team. His behaviour very much depend on the success or failure of the team. Its mission is to protect the men of the defense and make coverage and permanent aid to foreign media. Try that all offensive actions of the opposing team are transferred it furtheraway from the own goal and start the Organization and control of the game when they are in possession of the ball or the team it has in its possession. You can also finish j.


Existen muy variados sistemas de juego Ej.: 1-4-3-3, 1-4-4-2, 1-3-5-2, 1-4-1-4-1, 1-3-4-2, 1-4-3-2-1 etc.
El sistema a emplear lo elige el entrenador en función de: en función del los jugadores que tiene ó por...
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