Star trex

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- U.S.S. Kelvin, go for Starfleet base.

- Starfleet Base.

- We´ve sent you a transmission, did you receive?

- Kelvin, have you double-check those readings?

Our gravitational sensors aregoing crazy here. You should see this.

It looks like a lightning storm.

What you've sent us doesn't seem possible.

Yes ma'am, I understand, that's why we sent it.

- Report.

- it´s Stillout of visual range give me 20 seconds.

Alert captain Robau that Starfleet advised your ship proceed with caution...

Polarize the view screen.

- Whatever this is, could it be of Klingonorigin?

- Captain, we have visual.

- Repeat. Could this be Klingon?

- Negative, lieutenant.

You're 75.000 kilometers from...

- Captain, are you seeing this?

My God.

I have a reading.They've locked weapons on us!

Red alert!

Torpedo locked on us at 320 degress, mark 2

- Arm weapons!

Evasive pattern delta-five!

Incoming fast.

Fire all phasers!

Damage report.Warp drive's been knocked out!.

Never seen anything like it.

Weapons are offline.

Main power at 38%.

- They're firing another!

- All power to forward shields!

Lieutenant!Atmospheric stablisation has been lost.

were aour shields even up?

oxigen failing, decks 7 to 13

we have confirmed casualties, sir.

shields 11% and dropping.

ten porcent Shields at nine.we're dropping here...

All remaining power to forward shields.

Prepare shuttles for evacuation.


My commander requests the presence of your captain...

in order to negotiate acease-fire.

You will come aboard our ship via shuttlecraft.

Your refusal would be unwise.

Walk with me.

If I don't report in 15 minutes evacuate the crew.

- Sir, we could issue...

- Thereis no help for us out here.

Use autopilot and get off this ship.

Aye captain.

You're captain now, Mr. Kirk.

His heart rate's elevated.

Look at this ship.

- Are you familiar with...