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officially known as the Swiss Confederation is a landlocked country located in central Europe and has a population of 7,725,200 inhabitants.Switzerland is a federal republic of 26states. Switzerland borders Germany to the north, the west by France. Italy to the south and east by Austria. The country is characterized by its neutral foreign policy

Currently, Switzerland is perceived asone of the world's most developed countries. For its policy of neutrality, the country hosts many immigrants from nations from several continents, and it is considered one of the Europeancountries with greater cultural diversity. Finally, is internationally renowned for its mountains, watches, chocolates, knives, banks, trains and cheeses. And have the world's best private schoolsSwitzerland is the country's tennis player Roger Federer, and is one of the country that import more wine worldwide

This country of stunning locations such as Geneva, Zurich and LausanneValois has a language called Romansh is an ancient Latin language of the country's cultural heritage, so much that is considered one of the national languages.

Most practiced religion inSwitzerland is Roman Catholicism

On August 1 they celebrate the national holiday of Switzerland.

the Swiss love the outdoors, so most of the population is a nature lover.Know much about flowers andanimalessilvestres the country. The mountains and valleys are well preserved, are very clean and with an extremely high value for the Swiss culture. The culture of recycling is expanded to theentire population.
The bicycle is one of the most widely used means of transport in the country (apart from the train)

Needs no one is in Switzerland, or at least no one dies of hunger, this isdue to state subsidies, any individual can obtain this assistance Swiss government, and of course legal aliens can also enjoy these benefits if they meet with some requirements.

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