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Name: Daniela Vargas Ortiz Date: October 22th, 2010.
Teacher: Bonnie TroncosoSection: 003V

1) Answer these questions IN FULL about Santiago and Chile (7 points, 1 each) :

a) Is Santiago clean or polluted? Why?

Santiago is polluted because there is a lotof smog and garbage.

b) Compare Arauco Las Condes and Mall Plaza Vespucio.

Arauco Las Condes is bigger and prettier than Mall Plaza Vespucio, but Mall Plaza Vespucio is cheaper than Arauco LasCondes.

c) What store in Santiago is the cheapest? Why?

Tricot is the cheapest store in Santiago because there are lots of discounts.

d) What should a tourist do in Viña del Mar?Tourist should go to the beach and casino, then he/she should eat in Marga Marga restaurant.

e) What shouldn’t a tourist miss in Chile?

He /She shouldn´t miss to eat an empanada and drink motecon huesillo.

f) What can a tourist do in Valparaíso?

Tourist can go to the hills, to museums or pubs.

g) What is the weather like in the south of Chile?

In the south of Chile theweather is cold, rainy and in some places is snowy.

2) Complete the questions in this conversation (10 points, 2 each).

Tourist: Hi, I want to visit Chile next year._
_when can I go_?
TravelAgent: Well, you can go anytime, Chile’s weather is always nice.
Tourist: And_where can I stay there ?
Travel Agent: You can stay at a hotel or a hostal, they are great.
Tourist: _what´s theweather like in the south of Chile on January_?
Travel Agent: The weather in the south is not too cold in January, it doesn’t rain very much.
Tourist: ___Where can I go in the South of Chile__________?Travel Agent: Oh, in the south you can go to the lakes, you can visit amazing churches and you can see incredible monuments!
h) Tourist:_____ What shouldn’t I miss in Chile?
Travel Agent: In...
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