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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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The Bengal tiger is a large cat has stripes, always asymmetric, around your body. It is a species from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutanese and Burma.

The species is divided into two main subspecies, the Siberian tiger and Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) and the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).

redescolar.ilce.edu.mx reminds us that the male Bengal tigers canhave up to 3 meters. long (228 - 300 cm.) and females up to 2.7 mts. Their fur is usually orange or brown with black lines. The skin under his belly is white with black lines. The Bengal tiger has extraordinary powerful claws and a jaw. Its weight can reach 280 kg There is also the so-called white tiger, which has white fur with black stripes and is very rare in nature. Only a few specimens are incaptivity.

Tigers are generally solitary animals and are seen together only during mating, which can happen at any time of year but usually occurs in the months of November and April, and its gestation lasts 105-113 days (about three months and medium). The pups per litter can be from 1 to 6, with females generally seek some burrows and caves or crevices in the rocks to give birth and thenkeep their young. At birth the cubs do not see and weigh 1 to 1.5 kg., And I have the scratches characteristic of its kind, open their eyes at 14 days old and are breastfed for six weeks, the babies stay with their mother near two years. Life can be dangerous to a tiger cub, only two exceed one in his third year of life.

The Bengal tiger can live to 18 years in captivity and probably a few yearsin the wild

In Russia the territories can have up to 385 square miles, while in India a male can have only 40 miles or less. The females are subject to the territory of the males. All tigers mark their territory with urine, feces and tearing the bark of trees. Tigers are believed to 1 million years ago occupied the territories that now belong to southern China

It is estimated that onlybetween 4,500 and 5.200 tigers in the wild. These survivors are threatened by several factors, among them are the excessive growth of human population, loss of habitat, poaching and illegal trade of tiger parts as part of religious rituals and medicinal purposes.

Considered very lucrative, which gives good entries, has made the hunters strike out against Bengal tiger, and this fact it has alreadythreatened to extinction. It is unfortunate that human beings make a living by sacrificing animals to make a profit at the expense of the lives of these, either through your skin, your organs.

Indeed, as indicated elmundo is. Bengal tigers to sell dead, torn apart, is a global market worth billions of euros. One of the best deposits of talc is listed next to the animal sanctuary Ramgarth Jamwa.Although Indian law prohibits the installation of mining all within 10 km of a nature reserve, that's where, since 1981, is the giant open pit mine Jhanra Dagota owned Golcher Group Company , one of the most prosperous in India. Has not been taken into account the disastrous effect of mining on the population reported to EIA local.El multinational Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and Revlon to buythe production of this illegal exploitation.

For centuries, the tiger has been a favorite parts of great white hunter or poacher miserable, a coveted trophy hunting for their fur and highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine for the supposed curative and aphrodisiac property of their bones and organs. Blood, bones and skin of a tiger on the black market reached a value of about 20,000 euros.But the threat of poaching has been overshadowed by that of silicate magnesium, highly valued for its softness, purity and blancura.Se used in cosmetics, lipsticks, soaps, deodorants ... compounds products in some instances up to 80% of talc.

At the beginning of the century there were approximately 100,000 copies. Today there are only less than 7,000 animals. Poaching is the main enemy,...
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