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History of vaccinations and how they work
Before vaccines were invented the only way to create immunity in the body was to suffer the disease, so once you have overcome the disease, your immunesystem could fight off any future infections before they took hold. B-cells in the bloodstream, responsible for fighting off the disease, retain memory of the disease. If the disease returned, the immunesystem launched a quick attack before the disease could take hold. Vaccines produce the same effect without making the patient suffer through the disease. By introducing a disease into thebloodstream, B-cells are stimulated into action, creating antibodies and a memory record of the disease, resulting in immunity. Vaccines are safe because the viruses or bacterias used in vaccines have beenseverely compromised in a laboratory by one of several strategies.
Some examples of diseases we can vaccinate for
* measles
* chicken pox
* mumps
* rubella
* whooping cough
* tuberculosis
* meningitis
* Tetanus
* cholera
* diphtheria
* influenza
* malaria
Why are diseases such as common cold or influenza difficult tovaccinate for?
Because as they aren’t the same viruses every time you catch a cold the vaccines are useless, as what they do is insert into your body part of the virus you are willing to prevent for.So the outlook for developing a common cold vaccine that will prevent transmission of all of them it’s pretty unlikely to succeed. Actually you can be immunized from influenza.
What are thedifferent various types of vaccines?
* In the case of measles, mumps and chickenpox, the virus's ability to reproduce rapidly is weakened. Normally these viruses cause illness by reproducing themselvesthousands of times in the body. The virus used in a vaccine may reproduce itself 20 times or less, but this is still enough to initiate B-cell reaction and cell memory. One or two vaccines of a...
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