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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2010
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(The scene in a restaurant in France, Michael a businessman comes into the restaurant, previously called to reserve a table)

Nataly: (phone rings) hello, good afternoon, what do you want?Michael: good afternoon I want to reserve a table for two please

Nataly: certainly, for what day?

Michael: for tomorrow

Nataly: ready sir, at 12:00

Michael: perfect think you, good byeNataly: you’re welcome.

(Michael arrivate the next day with sits at table you have booked)

Nataly: good morning, do you what?

Michael: nothing right now I’m waiting for a friend

Nataly: Goodsir call me when you are ready

(At that time appears Roberto)

Roberto: Hello my friends how are you?

Michael: Very well and you brother?

Roberto: Very well but, why did you invite me to eatout?

Michael: To celebrate

Roberto: To celebrate what?

Michael: Let’s order the lunch first

(Michael calls the waitress and asks his companion to go)

Andrea: Go and take the orderNataly: For what?

Andréa: I am you’re boos

Nataly: Is false

Pablo: Is true

(Nataly will receive the order to the table)

Nataly: What would you like?

Michael: To chicken

Nataly: nosorry

Michael: then cream

Nataly: very well sir

(Michael an Roberto talking)

Roberto: Good, now please, what do you do talk whit me?

Michael: To offer work

Roberto: Really?Michael: Yes, to accept?

Roberto: Of course thank you

(Meanwhile in the kitchen)

Andrea: follow me telling

Nataly: well, somebody move the chair

Pablo: it’s not my fault

Nataly: ready?Pablo: Yes

Nataly: Well me to take to the table

(While the waitress brings the food, the celebration continuous)

Roberto: Where I sign?

Michael: More later, first to eat now

Roberto:Sorry but I’m nervous

Nataly: Your food sir

Michael: Thank you

Nataly: To wish wine sir?

Michael: That wine is?

Nataly: Wine 120, is Chilean

Michael: Well, please?

Michael :(...
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