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“Giants of the deep”
The oceans are home to a lot of animals, and many giants, from huge squid to whale, sharks, dolphins, mantarays, tec. The wáter suppots the weighth of their bopdies, lettin themgrow sizes that would be imposible in land.
so we have to learn about mythical mosnters and real life terrors of the deep. Then find out how scientis sutdy the ocenas, layers and the giantscreatures wichi live in sea.
This book, is too interesting, because in the sea, we have one of the most important plants anda animals. So in the book we can see especially great animals, buet en the firstpage, i found somrethin aboutt legends or stories, like creature with tentacles with 60 feet long tahn live on the sea. One of the mosts interesting animal wat he squid, so in 1996 a doctor, foun a bigsquid, thata meseared 36 feet. Anda say taht the ocean have any mysteries. So in this capitucle, give us a introdction for the boom.
Breakers and bergs
In a lot opf movies, that the history isoabut the sea, include Monter wave or icebergs, so in too interestign talk about ths sea´s monsters. So I lear how are created the monster waves and also can be up ti 120 feets high, arae capable ofbraking a large ship.
Icerbergs are created when chunks of pack ice break free and float off into open sea. Especially in artic or antartic oceans. And in the boom are a picture that whis a icerbrg brokeaway it was about 4500 saqare miles in size. And in 200 a satellite recorder a giant icerberg in antartica, and one year after divers and scientist go to the iceberg to study see waoul happen to itand seals anda birds made tueir homen in the icerberg, so they conclude thata icebergs are importan port of the ecosystem.
Great cetaceans
Whales and dolphins are cetaceans. So they are consideratemammals, not fish, but spend all the time in the wáter, and are more tah 08 different speciers of cetaceans, and somre of them ora giants animals.
Whales, can be comunicatate by sounds, can travel...
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