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  • Publicado : 7 de enero de 2011
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A Review.
Yesterday, while I was walking along the street, I saw in a music shop window that The Beatles had launched a new especial edition of their discography. Me, as a good Beatle fan, I enteredinto the shop and I report myself about this.
The new LP of The Beatles is an authentic collector piece then is a limited edition. This master piece it´s overcast with a pretty simple box in whichis written “The very best of The Beatles”, and the size is not as normal because it copies to the old vinyl’s.
In the front of the LP is the famous photo which was taken in the Abbey´s Road zebracrossing, but with a pop art style.
When you open it, the first you can see is “You are the number (whatever) who has bought this” and in the adjoining page a photo of John Lennon and a littlebiography, and the same happens with the rest of the members of the band.
This edition includes a DVD with the best moments of the band; interviews with the musicians, video clips, the assays, all in highdefinition and of course, all their CD´s and an especial compact disc to be sung with a karaoke.
It also includes a card with a pin which you can use to enter on a website and change opinions andthings of the Beatles with others fans.
On the back of the CD, it appears a poem written by John Lennon that is about peace and love.
In my opinion, the format of this special edition is quite betterthan the last one due to is more original and stylistic, in addition, the idea of share opinions with the others is interesting and new, and I think it´s going to be copied by other companies soon.Under my point of view, the price,80€, is quite high, but people who know appreciate these music icons maybe think that it´s fair but me, as the student that I am, I can´t afford it, although it wouldbe a good present for Christmas.
In short, this new edition, have many features, but if you only like the music of The Beatles, you can use the internet to download it, even it´s not legal 80 € are...
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