100 preguntas en inglés y español

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1.- And what are Frank and Greg doing?
2.- And what do they do?
3.- And who is that?
4.- And you last name?
5.- And you?
6.- And your father?
7.- Are fall the facts correct?
8.- Are the letters of the English alphabet the same in your language?
9.- Are they going to take long?
10.- Can you repeat that, please?
11.- Can you spell that?
12.- Do they have asingular form?
13.- Do we greet everybody in the same way in English?
14.- Do you like baseball?
15.- Do you like watching TV?
16.- Do you write postcards to friends when you are on holiday?
17.- Does your project benefit the school community?
18.- How are you?
19.- How can I improve?
20.- How can our team improve?
21.- How do people write the date in the U.S.A.?
22.- How do you askwhere a person comes from In English?
23.- How do you do?
24.- How do you greet your teacher In English?
25.- How do you say 'hola' in English?
26.- How do you spell Morelos?
27.- How does knowing your principal intelligence help you with your learning process?
28.- How old are they?
29.- How old are you?
30.- How will you collect the clothes?
31.- How’s your family?
32.- Is it the samemeaning?
33.- Is the dialogue difficult?
34.- Is the pronunciation the same in English and in your language?
35.- Is the world getting hotter?
36.- May I come in?
37.- Pardon?
38.- Really?
39.- Shall we take a taxi?
40.- What about football?
41.- What about you?
42.- What accessories do you wear?
43.- What are ordinal numbers?
44.- What are the members of your family doing right now?45.- What are their names?
46.- What are we doing?
47.- What are you doing?
48.- What are your classmates doing?
49.- What areas do you think you are making most progress in?
50.- What can you do?
51.- What color is Paty’s T-shirt?
52.- What countries can you say In English?
53.- What day is it today?
54.- What difference do you notice between the question and the statement?
55.- What dothey do?
56.- What do you do when you do not know the meaning of a word?
57.- What do you do?
58.- What do you like to do In your free time?
59.- What do you notice about the –ing form of these verbs?
60.- What do you suggest doing at the weekend?
61.- What elements of a text help you understand or predict its content?
62.- What instructions do you hear in the classroom?
63.- What is Fredwearing?
64.- What is Lucy doing?
65.- What is the history of the Internet?
66.- What is the text about?
67.- What is your principal intelligence?
68.- What occupations are you interested in?
69.- What’s she doing?
70.- What’s the difference between these two sentences?
71.- What’s the name of your best friend from primary school?
72.- What’s your address?
73.- What’s your e-mailaddress?
74.- What’s your favorite color?
75.- What’s your favorite hobby?
76.- What’s your favorite sport?
77.- What’s your occupation?
78.- What’s your telephone number, please?
79.- What's the date?
80.- What's the meaning of 'welcome'?
81.- What's your first name?
82.- When are the actions happening?
83.- When do we use a?
84.- When do we use an?
85.- When do you use her?
86.- When doyou use his?
87.- When do you usually write a postcard?
88.- Where are they from?
89.- Where are you from?
90.- Where can you look for information?
91.- Where does all that noise come from?
92.- Which job is the person applying for?
93.- Who are these people?
94.- Who is sitting next to you?
95.- Who is your favorite sportsman / woman?
96.- Who you are writing to?
97.- Why docountries have flags?
98.- Why don’t we go to the movies?
99.- Why is it important to organize information in an e-mail?
100.- Why Is the earth’s climate changing?
1.- ¿Y qué están haciendo Frank y Greg?
2.- ¿Y ¿qué hacen?
3.- ¿Y ¿quién es ese?
4.- ¿Y tú apellido?
5.- ¿Y usted?
6.- ¿Y tu padre?
7.- ¿Son caer los hechos correctos?
8.- ¿Son las letras del...
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