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General Description
This package contains release Version of the processor driver, amdk8.sys, with Microsoft® digital signature, and release Version of the AMD Processor Power Management Driver.

v AMD PowerNow!™ and Cool’n’Quiet™ technologies allow the system to dynamically and automatically select the processor speed, voltage and power combination that match the instantaneoususer performance need.

v The processor driver is compatible with the AMD Athlon™ 64, Mobile AMD Athlon 64, Mobile Sempron™, Sempron™, AMD Turion™ Mobile Technology, AMD Phenom™ and all Opteron™ processors including Quad-Core.

v This software will not run on a system that does not support the AMD PowerNow! or Cool’n’Quiet technologies via specific features of the motherboard and BIOS.Revision History
Installer Version– 8/22/07:

· Installer Change – Added the AMDPPM driver to support Quad Core AMD Opteron™ processors and AMD Phenom™ processors.
Installer Version– 9/11/06:

· Installer Change – Fixed Provider and Copyright information in localized strings.
Installer Version– 6/22/06:

· Initial Installshield Revision of
Driver Version1.3.2.0– 6/19/06:

· Driver Change – This release fixes an S3/S4 “Resume” event issue introduced in driver v1.3.1. Specifically, this driver properly restores the p-state that was in effect at the previous S3/S4 “Suspend” event.
· Known Issues – None.
Driver Version– 5/11/06:

· Driver Change – This release fixes an S3/S4 “Suspend” issue introduced in driver v1.2.2.
· Known Issues –Under power schemes where policy is enforced one (i.e., non-adaptive policy), on a “resume” event, the v1.3.1 driver fails to restore the p-state that was in effect at the corresponding “suspend” event. This condition remains in effect until there is a change in policy, either by a change in power source (AC/DC), or a change in power scheme.
· Impact of Known Issues – Either battery life orperformance, depending on the expected p-state, compared to the current p-state. For example, resuming at a high p-state, instead of the expected low p-state, would degrade battery life.
Driver Version– 4/14/06:

· Driver Change –Support added for 100Mhz frequency steps when available.
Driver Version – 3/09/05:

· The processor driver supports performance state transitions onthe AMD dual-core processor systems.
· Known Issues – Under power schemes that enforce adaptive policy (e.g., “Portable Laptop”), and under stress conditions that force the processor to make p-state transitions, while at the same time the system is attempting to “suspend” (S3/S4 sleep state), the v1.2.2 driver may reach a dead-lock condition by attempting a p-state transition while in the midst ofthe “suspend sequence.
· Impact of Known Issues – Investigation and testing confirms that the dead-lock condition is very unlikely to occur under normal user scenarios. However, if it does occur, the system will soft-lock (e.g., the system will remain at: “Preparing to Standby…”), and would have to be rebooted.
Usage Notes
· Run Setup.exe for installation wizard.
· Run Setup.exe /s fromthe command-line console for a silent installation.
· Instructions for enabling Cool‘n’Quiet on Windows XP with user accounts that do not have Administrative Rights
1. Log on as Administrator on the Local Machine.
2. Click Start, then Run…
3. Enter Regedt32 into the run dialog box and click Ok.
4. Locate and click the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ControlsFolder\PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy
5. Right click and from the context menu, click Permissions.
6. Click on “Users” group entry.
7. Click in the Full Control box under the Allow heading and click Ok.
8. Locate and click the next registry key:
9. Right click...
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