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Destiny is seen as the final outcome, independently of the events that precede, which are inevitable and unchangeable per themselves, but as a sequence, could be arranged and rearrangedin order to arrive to the final outcome.

There is the often confusing argument that individuals can choose their own destiny by selecting different "paths" throughout their life, even though thedifferent courses of action the individuals take nonetheless lead to a very predetermined destiny.

To escape the contradiction (the incompatibility of philosophical terminology) of this argument andfully support the concept of destiny, most believe it necessary to declare and accept this notion of choice (free will) as illusion. Another belief, known as Micaic Destiny, states that free will anddestiny can coincide in harmony. This argument states that we all make only one unchangeable choice every moment. Simply because a certain choice will inevitably be made does NOT mean that we do notmake our own decisions. This belief assumes that we have no power to accurately and precisely predict the future.

Destiny has been envisaged as fore-ordained by the Divine (for example, theProtestant concept of predestination) or unfolding through the exertions of human will, for example, in the American concept of Manifest Destiny: "By the 1850s it was generally believed in the United Statesthat a superior American race was destined to shape the destiny of much of the world."[2] The explicit racialism had developed from a 17th-century vision of Puritan New World destiny as a "chosenpeople" whose destiny it was to establish a "New Jerusalem".[3]

A sense of destiny in its oldest human sense still in a soldier's fatalistic image of the "bullet that has your name on it", or "themoment when your number comes up", or the flowering of a romance between lovers who are "meant to be" together. In Greek mythology, the human sense that there must be a hidden purpose in the random...
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