200 Verbos irregulares en infinitivo, pasado simple, pasado participio en ingles y español

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Clasificar Por Separado Regulares E Irregulares En Forma Infinitivo, Pasado Simple Y Pasado Participio Con Su Significado En Español.
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“Infinitivo” | “Pasado Simple” | “Pasado Participio” |
1. Almacenar- stock2. Acabar- to finish3. Aconsejar- to advise4. Mezclar- to mix5. Amar- to love6. Aprender- to learn7. Ayudar- to help8.Bailar- to dance9. Chatear- to chat10. Cometer- to commit11. Cambiar- to change12. Afilar- to sharpen13. Cerrar- to close14. Cocinar- to cook15. Cargar- to upload16. Comenzar- to start17. Clavar- to nail18. Comparar- to compare19. Configurar- to configure20. Colorear- to color21. Contar- to count22. Continuar- to continue23. Correr- to run24. Cortar- to cut25. Costar- to cost26. Creer- to believe27.Dar- give28. Decidir- to decide29. Decir- to say30. Descansar- to rest31. Describir- to describe32. Destruir- to destroy33. Doler- to hurt34. Dormir- to sleep35. Elegir- to choose36. Empezar- to start37. Empujar- to push38. Encontrar- to find39. Enseñar- to teach40. Entender- to understand41. Esconder- to hide42. Entrenar- to train43. Escuchar- to listen44. Esperar- to wait45. Estudiar- to study46.Explicar- to explain47. Formar- to form48. Gritar- to scream49. Hablar- to talk50. Hacer- to make51. Intentar- to try52. Fumar- to smoke53. Jugar- to play54. Lanzar- to releas55. Lavar- to wash56. Leer- to read57. Limpiar- to clean58. Llamar- to call59. Llegar- to arrive60. Llenar- to fill61. Llorar- to cry62. Lograr- to achieve63. Mandar- to send64. Matar- to kill65. Mejorar- to improve66.Mentir- to lie67. Mirar- to look68. Morir- to die69. Mostrar- to show70. Mover- to move71. Necesitar- to need72. Ocurrir- to occur73. Odiar- to hate74. Ofrecer- to offer75. Olvidar- to forget76. Oír- to hear77. Ordenar- to order78. Pensar- to think79. Perder- to lose80. Perdonar- to forgive81. Permitir- to allow82. Posponer- to postpone83. Poner- to put84. Preferir- to prefer85. Preguntar- to ask86.Preparar- to prepare87. Prometer- to promise88. Pulsar- to press89. Quedarse- to stay90. Quemar- to burn91. Querer- to want92. Recibir- to receive93. Reconocer- to recognize94. Recordar- to remember95. Repetir- to repeat96. Responder- to reply97. Reír- to laugh98. Respetar- to respect99. Soñar- to dream100. Salir- to exit101. Saltar- to jump102. Sentar- to lay103. Sentir- to feel104. Ser- to be105.Tener- to have106. Terminar- to finish107. Tirar- to pull108. Tocar- to play109. Trabajar- to work110. Traducir- to translate111. Tratar- to treat112. Usar- to use113. Vender- to sell114. Venir- to come115. Ver- to watch116. Viajar- to travel117. Visitar- to visit118. Vivir- to live119. Volver-to return120. Golpear- to hit121. Traicionar- to betray122. Disparar- to shoot123. Pintar- to paint124.Caminar- to walk125. Activar- to activate126. Volar- to fly127. Boxear- to box128. Podar- to prune129. Buscar- to search130. Recibir- to receive131. Comentar- to comment132. Votar- to vote133. Barrer- to sweep134. Amarrar- to moor135. Besar- to kiss136. Curar- to cure137. Transportar- to transport138. Sufrir- to suffer139. Aprovechar- to seize140. Cazar- to hunt | 1. Almacené- Storaged
2. Acabe-Finished
3. Aconsejé- Advised
4. Mezclé- mixed
5. Amé- loved
6. Aprendí- Learned
7. Ayude- helped
8. Baile- Danced
9. Chateó- Chatted
10. Cometí- commited
11. Cambié- Changed
12. Afilé- Sharpened
13. Cerré- Closed
14. Cociné- Cooked
15. Cargó- Uploaded
16. Comenzé- Started
17. Clavé- Nailed
18. Comparé- Compared
19. Configuré- Configured
20. Coloreó- Colored
21. Conté- Counted22. Continué- Continued
23. Corrí- Ran
24. Corté- Cuted
25. Costó- Costed
26. Creí- Believed
27. Dí- Gave
28. Decidí- Decided
29. Dije- Saided
30. Descansé- Rested
31. Describí- Described
32. Destruí- Destroyed
33. Dolió- Hurted
34. Dormí-Sleeped
35. Elegí- Choosed
36. Empecé- Started
37. Empujé- Pushed
38. Encontré- Founded
39. Enseñe- Teached
40. Entendí- Understanded
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