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1. - I was able to act in the night
2. - you were able to bless the house
3. - she was able to drive to the beach morning
4. - we were able to brush the dog
5. - he was able to beg at the woman
6. - she was able to fallfrom the stairs when he arrived home
7. - she was able to believe about the ghost
8. - the woman was able to close the door at boy
9. - they were able to feed your dogs with bread
10. - the dog was able to close the door at boy
11. - the miss was able to cook a cake
12. - we were able to fight for my family
13. - they were able to complete the race
14. - I was able to count the money of the shop15. - she was able to find your parents
16. - the boy was able to crash the car in the morning
17. - the mister was able to carry at your parents in law at your house
18. - we were able to flee the country
19. - you mas able to cry for 2 days
20. - she was able to dry the clothes in two minutes
21. - they were able to fly for the heaven
22. - the boy was able to fail in your exam
23. - the teacherable to miss a student
24. - they were able to forbid red dresses in her class
25. - the girl was able to open the shop all the week
26. - the cat was able to scratch at the neighbor
27. - I was able to forget the key in the bar
28. - Karen was able to move the car
29. - Manuel was able to drive the car
30. - we were able to fell love


1. - I wasn’t able to add in the exam
2. - the cop wasn’t able to arrest at your brother
3. - they were not able to forgive the mistake this month
4. - the woman wasn’t able to agree with your sister
5. - we weren’t able to ask about the sex
6. - we were not able to freeze on theroof
7. - they weren’t able to answer at the children
8. - he wasn’t able to apple at the girl
9. - I was not able to get a new bicycles the week
10. - she wasn’t able to belong at the school
11. - the boy wasn’t able to cross the street
12. - she was not able to give love
13. - she wasn’t able to call at your boyfriend
14. - the baby wasn’t able to balance the blacks
15. - he was not able to go hisa house
16. - you weren’t able to fasten the belt
17. - the girl wasn’t able to explain at your brother
18. - the mister wasn’t able to express your pain
19. - they were not able to grow never
20. - the secretary wasn’t able to fill the documents
21. - the family weren’t able to enjoy the vacations
22. - they were not able to grind your food
23. - the miss wasn’t able to en close the answer
24. -the baby wasn’t able to dress alone
25. - I was not able to hang the phone
26. - the family weren’t able to dine without fight
27. - I was not able to have on friend
28. - the woman wasn’t able to dance all the night
29. - the friend weren’t able to dial the radio
30. - we were not able to hit to children


1. - were we able to climb the mountain?
2. - was the baby able to crawl in the night?
3. - was I able to hear a bird?
4. - was I able to comb the hair?
5. - was you able to clean the house?
6. - were we able to hide?
7. - was he able to change the card?
8. - was the boy able to be have in the party9. - were we able to hit the children?
10. - was the woman able to arrange your things?
11. - was the mister able to accompany at the girl?
12. - was the girl able to annoy at your mother?
13. - was they able to hurt your friends?
14. - was father able to board the car?
15. - were the students able to file your task?
16. - was he able to keep the milk?
17. - was she able to frighten at...
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