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Eva Braun´s relationship with Hitler seems to be an allegory of the relationship between Hitler and Germany. He helped himself with his capacities of being a goodspokesman and persuasive to make a whole country fall in love with him. He did the same with Eva. He was an actor, a very good one. He used his smarts and power to dazzle Evaand finally made her fall in love with him. Once he had the power over the country, he began to impose his ideas and hatred on to the people of Germany. Things changed sodrastically; suddenly people had lost their own opinion since by the way freedom of speech was censured. People in Germany had no rights unless these were granted y theFuhrer. Braun was the “unhappiest woman in Germany” because she had to live under the dictatorship and the command of her beloved. Germany was the unhappiest country inEurope because people had lost their rights under his absolute power. But what kept her putting up with that was her loyalty to him, like the nationality he had awakened ina whole nation. Secrets were kept from Germany as well as from Braun. Maybe that’s why he kept her a secret. Maybe, if people realized the turmoil in his relationshipwith her people would have opened their eyes. Or, maybe not. Today as the dictatorship of Hitler ends for Germany it also ended for Eva Braun; and just as she did millionsdied loyal to the “Wulf”.
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