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Real to V-Ray Physical Camera Guide
By José P. Olivares-Hatch


V-Ray Physical Camera Guide

José P. Olivares-Hatch

The aim of the V-Ray Physical Camera is to simulate a real-lifecamera, complete with all the same settings and functions. Above is an image of a Canon PowerShot S70. In V-Ray we are going to create a virtual replicar of this camera. To do this we need to find out whatproperties this camera has. For instance what lens does it have? Whats the size of the image sensor? What film speeds can we set it to? When we have established these and other points we can begin tocreate our camera in V-Ray. First steps:Decide on the camera you wish to simulate. Find the settings for the camera. Setup the VrayPhysicalCamera to match.


V-Ray Physical Camera Guide

JoséP. Olivares-Hatch

Below are the features of the Canon PowerShot S70 that we are interested in. • • • • • • 1/1.8” image sensor format. 7.18mm film gate (7.18mm x 5.32mm). 5.8mm (wide) 20.7mm(telephoto) focal length. 2.8 (wide) 5.3 (telephoto) f-number (aperture size). 1/4 - 1/1250 shutter speed. 50 - 400 film speed (ISO).

Image sensor format of the camera is 1/1.8”. This means thesensor size is 7.18mm x 5.32mm. Giving us the film gate value of 7.18mm. The diagram above shows us the size of a 1/1.8” sensor (on the left) compared to a full 35mm sensor. The larger the sensor thegreater the dynamic range whilst also reducing the amount of noise. The camera has a 5.8mm wide focal length, and a 20.7mm telephoto focal length. At these settings the minimum f-number is 2.8 and 5.3respectively. This has an impact on the brightness of the image. The wider shots having a bigger aperture size, letting in more light. The telephoto shots will be darker but this can be compensatedsome what with the shutter speed and the film speed settings. The S70 has shutter speeds from between 1/4 s to 1/1250 s, and film speeds between 50 and 400 ISO. We have a lot of control over the...
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