4 Agreement

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The Four Agreements


Do you agree with always doing your best? Why?

We can all give the best of us, if we want to. Some people are born naturally, but absolutely all havea lot to give.
I'm not talking about material goods, but on the contrary, we can give all that is human within us and that is the most precious thing that each one: love, understanding, joy, humor,appreciation, friendship, courage, protection, education, and many other virtues.
It would also be good to share the human that is not so nice but often shows others that we are not full of virtuesbut all live with many defects or concerns including: the mistakes we make, the sadness at the lack of someone you love, melancholy, anguish for some lack of understanding, living running (because lifedemands we impose) and sometimes, not having time to some of the people who need us, and many feelings which unite us with all human beings living on this planet Earth.
To live better, we should trythat understanding, humor, joy and appreciation for all the people around us is so prevalent in our daily lives, we must take time to talk with us, order our feelings and thoughts, and try to bebetter every day.
Give the best of yourself, brings great joy to you can put into practice in all its activities. As reflected in others and always get something in return: a smile, a grateful look andmany other resources that are more important than any material good, everything is done with love, it produces love. Anyone who shows signs of confidence breeds confidence. Anyone who appreciates theneighbor, produces valuation towards him.
Let's start today to give the best of you: Smile, though sometimes you're not in the mood, comprises the other, although sometimes not as convenient for you,values, teach, protect, watch, share, give affection, and is to be the most fair and truthful as possible. This is the basis of all human evolution.

“Are you free to be who you really are?”...
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