5 Cosas en ingles para reducir la toxicidad

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5 Ways To Reduce The Toxicity Of Your Home

Our homes are Where We spend the great Majority of our time, so keep it Makes Sense to Them as healthy as possible. You Might Be Surprised to Learn Some of the WHERE in your home chemical toxins from eating Actually, your mattress, couch, carpets and cleaning products. There are A Few Simple Things you can do, to reduce a large amount of the chemicalsin your home.
1. Cleaning Products
Switching to That Do not Contain products chlorine bleach or phosphates Makes a big difference. There are Several commercial Brands That offer cleaning products are not only safe That for you, but great for the environment too. Have a look at www.biome.com.au for Some ideas.
You Can Also manage your cleaning a lot of Bi-Carb Soda with, white vinegar, and teatree oil. Our house These three staple products have in it, and With The exception of my clothes washing, we manage on only that.
To wash your clothes, disinfect your kitchen, and wash your hair Even, Could you use soap nuts. They're the seed pod of a tree, That occurs when to wet or soapy Substance heated. They're fantastic in the washing machine, and bring out your clothes soft, fresh andclean.
2. Furniture
When you buy a new piece of furniture, opt for something made from natural fibers - as a general rule, MOST commercial furniture with fire retardants is Treated, and contains chemicals Such as formaldehyde, Which is associated with SIDS.
Bamboo, Soy, and Organic cotton fibers are best, and if you choose timbers - opt for something That Is Sustainable 
There are low-toxicity Evenhouse paints available These days, give off less smoke That, and leach less as They Age.
3. Clothing
All infant sleepwear in Australia have to be Treated with Flames retardants. And Treated cottons are heavily with pesticides-nothing That You want your children or particularly yourself breathing in.
When choosing clothing, opt for natural and organic fibers - wool, bamboo, soy, organiccotton. And When you do wash your clothes, do not add to Their chemical load - wash in a gentle detergent Them (Such as soap nuts)
4. F00d
Wherever possible, choose fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. If you must-buy non-organic, be sure to wash it well to remove traces of wax and pesticides.
Tin cans are lined with plastic coatings, Which Have Been associated with BPA leaching. Avoid canned foods Soas much as possible.
Choose a non-reactive drink bottle s, such as SIGG to carry your water in. And store your food in non-reactive containers. Tupperware claim to be non reactive THROUGHOUT MOST of Their range.
5. Children's Toys
Plastic toys are associated with leaching BPAs with Some Countries going so far as to ban the use of Polycarbons in the Manufacture of infant toys.
Selecting safetoys s, such as Lego, wooden or cloth toys Will reduce your child's Exposure to chemicals.

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Nuestras casas están donde pasaremos la mayor parte de nuestro tiempo, así que tiene sentido para ellos lo más saludable posible. Puede que se sorprenda a aprender algunas de las toxinas donde en su casa química de comer, en efecto, su sofá colchones, alfombras y productos de limpieza. Hayalgunas cosas simples que usted puede hacer para reducir una gran cantidad de los productos químicos en su hogar.
1. Productos de Limpieza
El cambio a que no contienen cloro o fosfatos productos de cloro hace una gran diferencia. Hay varias marcas comerciales que ofrecen productos de limpieza no sólo es seguro que para usted, pero es genial para el medio ambiente. Echa un vistazo a www.biome.com.aupara algunas ideas.
También puede administrar la limpieza de una gran cantidad de Bi-Carb con soda, vinagre blanco, y el aceite de árbol de té. Nuestra casa, estos tres productos básicos han en él, y con la excepción de la ropa de lavado, que gestionar en sólo eso.
Para lavar su ropa, desinfectar la cocina, y lávese el pelo Incluso, podría usar las nueces de jabón. Son la vaina de la semilla...
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