50 Cent

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Date Birth: 06/julio/1976
City Birth: New York
Province Birth: New York
Country Birth: The United States
Horóscopo: Cancer
Color eyes: Black
Color hair: Black
To the twelve years hesold crack in the streets of Queens, to almost the twenty-three he dies pestered with shots in his car and to the twenty-six it is a star of hip-hop.
We speak of 50 Cent, the new king of rap, themaster of the street… Been born with the name from Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent grew up in the conflicting district of Queens, in New York. Her drug mother, dealer had, it single to the 15 years because hisfather did not want it nor to know. When she died Curtis was 8 years old. From 50 it had there to raise between his grandparents and the street.
From very small it began to trapichear with cocaine andto the fifteen already he was arrested by possession of crack. By that time it also began to flirtear with the clandestine boxing and although it was arrested several times stood more in the 18 withsufficient money like buying a Mercedes. But between the drug and the Curtis violence it found a passion: hip hop. In 1996 they present/display to Jam Masters to him Jay, legendary DJ of the zone, thatteaches " to him; misterios" of rap. With him it records “Your Life' s On The Line” and immediately is fichado by Columbia Records. There it prepares a LP, “The Power Of Dollar”, whose publicationcontinuously is postponed (and in the end cancelled) by two reasons: the pirate diffusion of the album and 50 the armed aggression that Cent suffers in May of 2000. Eight bullets crossed their car andthey became engraved to him in the legs and another one gave him more in the face. Curtis was operated emergency and to the 13 days, miraculously, rapero rebellious already was again in its house.Which is said that the aggression was motivated by single “How To Rob”, in 50 Cent insulted to several hoods of rap. Since then 50 drive an armored car. That one shooting paralyzed the diffusion of “The...
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