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Introduction to the 5S Philosophy

The 5S philosophy focuses on effective workplace organization and
standardized work procedures. It is based on five Japanese words that begin with S. This document contains a translation of those words and theircorresponding values into the English language. 5S programs have been implemented in organizations around the world as a way to improve production values while also improving employee morale and safety. The 5S philosophy may be applied to most any workplace scenario in a short period of time due to its simple nature. However, we are aware that most every organization has specific needs. If you havequestions about how Graphic Products can assist you as you implement your 5S program, please feel free to contact us at any time using the information printed on the front of this booklet.

Before 5S implementation

After 5S implementation


Once these “red tag,” or unused items, are brought to the collection area, perform an evaluation. Items that are potentially useful may besubsequently labeled for cleaning and storage, while tools or implements that have reached their end-of-life point should be discarded.

The first S, Seiri, calls for the elimination of unnecessary items
that have collected around work areas. As debris and unused objects build up, productivity often takes a turn for the worse. In unproductive workspaces, frustrations mount when workers find that theyare unable to satisfactorily finish the task at hand. Therefore, it is vital to implement a workplace sorting system. One effective visual method of identifying unneeded items is called “red tagging.” In this method, labels or signs are used to identify two areas:
1. One area for the collection of unused items 2. One area for tools or other items that are frequently used

Sort - Conclusion
Withthe completion of the first S, Sorting, you will see three main results:
1. Increased Productivity - The purpose of individual work areas will be more apparent, leading to a highly efficient workflow. 2. Workers will be more satisfied with their environment. Employee morale will increase as junk items or materials that are potential health hazards are identified and removed. 3. The end product ofyour labors will be much improved as full attention can be paid to production. Employees will no longer need to focus on tangential tasks such as locating tools or implementing their own organization systems.

Be sure to use separate labels to indicate potentially hazardous materials. After the unused items are gathered, they should be moved to a wellidentified collection area that has beenspecifically established for this purpose. Be sure to use clearly visible labels and signs to make the purpose of this area clear. Signs should describe the process of turning in items for collection.



Some other strategies to effectively set things in order include:
1. Marking spaces & installing modular shelving & cabinets. Floor markings are appropriate for warehouses withotherwise insufficient boundary marking systems

Now that your workplace has been sorted, it is time to implement a
more comprehensive system of organization. While sorting is an effective method, used by itself it is only a preliminary measure. Set In Order (Seiton) focuses on effective storage and organization methods, with the end goal of developing an environment that resists clutter and aidslong-term productivity. In order to set your workplace in order, you must determine:
1. What items or areas you need in order to do your job 2. Where those items should be located

2. In workspaces with extensive interior wall space, signs and labels should be used to help orient workers and assist workflow. For example, small overhead maps (“You are here”) and legends can be printed on both...
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