7 Lineas Estrategicas Del Proyecto Simon Bolivar

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TV Expert User Manual


(1) Friendly Scan function
TV Expert could be easily defined as a TV player, no matter digital TV signal or analog TV signal. Avoid unfriendlysetting, just plug in cable and scan, you get everything on cable!


Powerful channel manager
- Individual channel setting(Video/Audio format) - Channel rename/resorting - Favorite channelsetting TV Expert allows you manage what you get from TV cable. For example, you can put PAL TV in List 1~20, SECAM TV in List 21~25, DVB-t TV in List 26~40 or what else you wish.


Userself-define volume of different sources.
This function prevents the suddenly high-volume voice while switching different sources. Protect your ear and Speaker.


Flexible Remote controller setting
TVExpert supports 3 sets Remote controller. Each remote controller can redefine every button.

System Requirement
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Centrino 1.6 GHz or faster 512 MB or moresystem memory 20 MB disk space for installation DirectX 9.0 compatible video card Windows XP with SP2 / Windows Vista

Operate TV Expert
1. Start TV Expert
Click icon on computer desktop

2.An User interface will show up

Select language

Select Source

Click to set language

Click to start

3. First Start – Check device

! !

Check Digital TV Device here Check Analog TVDevice here

Press Ok for next step.

TV Expert support List
Digital Capture Device
SAA7135 Digital TV Card SAA7134 Digital TV Card SAA7133 Digital TV Card SAA7131 Digital TV Card TM6000 DigitalTV DiB7700 Digital TV CX23885 Digital TV

Analog Capture Device
SAA7135 Analog TV card SAA7134 Analog TV card SAA7133 Analog TV card SAA7131 Analog TV card TM6000 Analog TV DiB7700 Analog TV CX23885Analog TV SAA7130 Analog TV card Bt878 TV Card TM5600 Analog TV

Remark: TV Expert does not support 2 TV Cards in the same time. So that please do not set such as SAA7135 Digital TV Card with...
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