Abeach: the best place for a vacation

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A Beach: the Best Place for a Vacation.

During Christmas last year, I didn't know where to go. First, I thought to stay at home to finish all of my New Year's resolutions that were still pending,such as to clean the garage, throw the things that I have not used in more than five years, change the color of my room, etc. However, with this terrible cold that we had in the city, the only thingthat I wanted to do was forget the stress and stay under the sun, lying in a hammock.
I believe that the best place for relax and tranquility is a beautiful beach, especially a Caribbean beach. Afriend of mine suggested me to make a tour along the Riviera Maya. I liked the idea of visiting México but not the tour. I really needed to pace and not rush on my vacation. After looking for severalhours on different web sites, I found gorgeous beaches in Dominica republic, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica. Finally, I decided go to Playa del Carmen in the heart of Rivera Maya.Next day in the morning, I prepared my bags, went up to airport and undertook on an adventure. In a couple of hours, I arrived to Playa del Carmen, a small town which used to be a peaceful fishermen'svillage. Now is the site for international hotels and attractions. All activity was concentrated on Playa del Carmen's Fifth Avenue, a boulevard lined with elegant hotels, bars, restaurants andshops. But nothing compare with walks on beaches with crystal blue turquoise waters and full of white sand that gentle massaged my feet with each step. The cool breeze that hit my face made me think that Ihad come to paradise.
However, a key aspect that defines a good holiday site was without a doubt the lodging. I have to say that the hotels in Playa del Carmen were superb, as they offered all thecomforts and for different budgets. My hotel was in front of beach with a two big pools. Both pools were fabulous and I got to choose between a peaceful pool with ocean views or a more lively pool...
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