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Abortion has been a problem that has been present during all periods of human existence. Now acquired a great importance, both for its implications as the different positions that exist in front of him.
Abortion is a very serious because in a nutshell is take a human life. But legalizing it would be a good option. If they make themselves look good points of the legalization ofabortion are several, since it most likely would reduce maternal deaths from abortions.
Since abortion is not legalized, many people do it illegally, and this brings consequences because being illegal, has no one who will require a hygiene at clinics or in the instruments used to practice them. Besides that there are people inexperienced in order to get money at any cost, practice these operations,believing that it is a very simple thing, and as a mother, you want to abort, then you have this surgery without any precautions when in fact your life is in the hands of the doctor.

Of course we do not mean that abortion is legal in any case, as this would be a big crime to which we refer is to be legalized in special cases such as certain birth of the child or some evil that harms the healthaspect from mother to have the child.

But after all it all depends on our authorities and the decision to take in people doing just this reflection, that would probably be a good choice to legalize abortion.


Before starting, I clarify that neither support nor attacked abortion. I have no position against it, but it also seems ridiculous compared to the same discussions takeplace as if he were discussing a contraceptive procedure. The abortion is not. It is a delicate surgical procedure, which threatens the life of the mother and eliminates the potential life of the product of conception. I am surprised the foolishness of those who engaged in the discussion of such a radical approach without going through the much needed balance of contraception.

First have to analyzewho the women who abort. At the risk of being schematic, almost all unwanted pregnancies which end in abortions are due to two kinds of women. First, we have the irresponsible, who became pregnant by having sex without proper care or, worse yet, primitive religious beliefs that preclude the use of safe contraceptive methods. Still, perhaps, to be her pregnancy intercourse imposed, as is the caseof rape or sexual abuse. In these two cases is the woman who must make the decision to abort or not. She alone.

Of course, it is not that women, in a fit of irresponsibility resort to abortion without rhyme or reason as a way to combat unwanted pregnancies. That's what contraceptive methods should be promoted.
The abortion itself is the end of life of the product. But before resorting to teargas to analyze ideology, should be asked whether more worthwhile to leave the world a child abused, abandoned or severely limited.


The abortion legislation is a very long, but within it the most important points to highlight and develop are:

• why should be legalized?
• the acceptance of society
• In what situations would be legal

We chose this topic because we consider theimportance of unwanted pregnancies, is a big responsibility and that most pregnant women are under-age students.

There are women who want abortions for different reasons, in these cases the legalization of abortion should be analyzed and it is of utmost importance.

In this paper we make a synthesis of views of society about the legalization of abortion, and information that includes the wholeissue.


The solution that we would give to the problem of legalization of ABORTION, that it might be serious consideration of the following:

• percentage of women who die from illegal abortions
• the right of a woman to decide on his body
• the respect of society towards the possibility of abortion
• psychological support for individuals or families who have had an...
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