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Success Stories: Dunking Donuts
July 22, 2010 | Victor Perez Acosta

Donkin Donuts campaigns that knows how to implement in their Twitter and Facebook pages should lead by example and inspire more companies to develop new ways of generating presence in social media. Some keys to its success.
Donkin Donuts, a popular local chain of coffee and pastry shop knownto American has historically excellent use of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, building brand presence and excellent reputation online . One of the ways in which DD has been able to capitalize on its huge number of followers (Twitter has nearly 44,000 followers, while Facebook, the number of fans over one million one hundred thousand), creating contests and campaigns that have hada great impact by their fans.
In mid-2009, DD has launched the "Keep it Coolatta"-obviously, Coolatta is one of their products. The same was that users go up your photos Coolatta drinking, and the awards consisted of an i-Phone, a Plasma TV or vouchers to consume the products of DD.
Now, repeating the success of this campaign, launched "Twinter Games" for Twitter. Again, the idea is that usersupload their photos, with certain hashtags (#). The fans responded by sending about 1900 photos. The awards were not as spectacular, usually a gift card $ 50 for use in any of the premises.
There is much to learn from these examples. First, there is no need to run competitions with fabulous prizes (the 4x4 truck and the trip to the Caribbean is for another time). The stimulus for a user toparticipate, then, is not economic. Simply, the desire to participate and the fun can create highly positive effects.
Creativity is also remarkable. Surely, more than a million followers were not with messages like "Eat our products are top quality!". Clearly, DD has managed to find the "harmony" of his audience, that is, given what they expect: fun, pleasure, entertainment, and a sense of belongingthat consumers seek.
The answer to the question "How do I insert my business / brand / product on social networking?, It is much easier to appeal to complex issues of marketing, keywords, anchor texts and urls.
The example of DD is to imitate. With his constant presence has managed to create a place in the daily habits of its consumers: go through the page to see how new they are. It is also astrong deterrent to address the presence in social media in an overly promotional. The key is intelligence, and developing a style of communication. Be seen whether other companies imitate this style or create new ways of approaching this enormous captive audience that is in social networks.
My Opinion:

The reason for selecting this article is because that is about my career of marketing and itis about strategies on social networking.
Today a marketer must be forward in implementing marketing strategies to place their products on a par with the competition. Today, social networks are very important for any company because there are many consumers who have access to them.
I think that campaigns Donkin Donuts served on your pages use Twitter and Facebook in 2010 as an example andinspire more companies to develop new ways to create presence in the social media.
The success of companies is that consumers do participate in the launch of a new product.
Is important that a consumer feel part of the launch of a new product because then we can know all the characters on the packaging, taste and product image.

It is common that more and more companies launch calls for consumers toexpress their opinions and give the product safety to enter the market.
It is important that companies have creativity and marketing campaigns that consumers identify with advertising campaigns.

Donkin Donuts contests that performed were simple, they only used the social networks with the proposals of the participants and prizes were very simple, because consumers just wanted to feel part...
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