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My name is Areli B Lopez Z, I was born in puebla mex I came in march of 1994 I have three children their names are Estehisy B Corona Lopez, born in April 13 of 1996 Xavier J Lopez Escobar born in August 02 of 2008 and my youngest that is Luis F Lemus Jr born in Dicember 26 of 2008. Let me say a little bit about me, I went to school here in United States I graduated from highschool and alwayswanted to be somebody in life since my dad is a doctor in Mexico but I was always turn down because I don't have a social security number thats the reason I think I'm always struggling. Well moving on in 2007 I meat my husband Luis F Lemus Lua he would always help me on anything I thought he was a good person, on the day. He hit me for the fist time, I was pregnant things got out of handso I decided to call the cops so they arrested him like less than a week later he was out, he aproach me saying "let's talk" I decided to do so well we agree that, that would never happen again. When I had my baby Luis in December of 2008 we decided to get married and move in together then he started yealling at me for any little thing even heatting me, many times he did and I would always put upwith him just because my other two kids don't have their dad with them and I did not want for this kid to not have one either until I said enogh is enogh he took off like he would always do but this time I decided not to open the door for him when he came back on June of 2010 I called the cops officer Gomez got here at my recidence at 16756 4th st appt #a, I had bruces in my arm from when he hitme days before and I explain to him what had happen, I told him that he had me on the floor in a fetus position hitting me and then he took off that day. So they took him to jail when officer Gomez came, then again Luis came back when he wan released on July of 2010 he staye outside my recidence until me and the baby Luis went outside so he started playing with the kid I felt confused the kid wasplaying with his dad they were both happy to be together I couldn't refuse to let him in but little after that again everything started to go wrong, he was working already I would get up at 4:45 am to make lunch and to serve his breakfast he would lieve at 5:30am but only one week after he started working he did not want to get up to go to work I remember it was a Saturday on sunday he wanted togo to work but the boss said he needed a doctor note if he wanted to go back to work on Monday well Monday came and he did not have a doctors note, he was in a bad mood I told him because the baby was crying I told him let's go to the kitchen but he started arguing so I grab the baby he thought I was going to take off so everything happen so quick when I realize he was choking me inside thebabys play pin I was on top of the baby who was also crying my mother in law was in the kitchen I screamed at her "get the baby get the baby" but she did not suddenly he stops by that time my mother in law had the baby already. He was so angry that he tackle me to the ground asking me "do you still love me" I responded "no" so then he got up as well as me and I manage to get the baby and wentoutside, he followed me and said to me that he was going to get his belongings and go with his mom I was scared that he would do something but he ensure to me that nothing was going to happen, so I came back inside the house, he got all his stuff and took off. Next day everything seemed okay until wenesday he came back early in the morning I did not want to open the door but he said wa wanted hislunch box because he was going to the next day so I open the door big mistake well he started yealling at me saying that who was in the house, that why I did not open the door the first time he knocked, then suddenly the owner of the house Ralph Escandon arrived he said he needed a helper to move some stuff, so he took Luis, I though he was going to take long but he cameback with in two hours all...
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