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An special experience that i have is when i traveled to wisconsin. I had been two years there.Wisconsin is a nice state, the weather is variable, in winter the snow is beautiful but very very cold,the spring is beautiful too you can see the plants growing up you can hear the birds singing. When you are driving the car you can see beautiful farms everywhere .Not only the nature is beautiful, thecity and contructions are increible .
When I arrived toWisconsin after twelve years I saw my uncles and my cousins. I almost don’t reconize them, they were very very differents. I was excitingto know my new hometown. The next morning i wake up early so i went outside of the house to know the neighbourhood, just two streets behind the house it was an big store i keep walking and i found alittle park with a little lagoon it was beautiful to see the weather, people fishing, kids runnig and swiming. I never been seen an park like that one it was like at the movies parks. just one weeklater i start go to High School it was a huge school with many establishments but the best thing of the school is that i meet my new friends they are funny, smarts, and very very friendly. The schol washard because i did not speak the languaje.but luckyly my friends help me up.
When the winter began it was very cold. It was my first winter at wiscosin so i was extremly cold. On november thesnow start to fell i was very ecxiting because it was the first time that i been seen snow. When all the streets were totally under the snow it was increible. The firs week we enjoyed playing in thesnow making snowman’s, throwing snow balls,slipping on the hills, the rest of the sumer we get boring of do the samething every day. We can not play soccer because the parks were fully under the snow itwas sad. I felt bad, but the spring was comming, all the snow start to melt.The parks were green again.
The spring and the summer were totally different.The spring was a little be cold not...
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