Academic Writting

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Find and correct the sentence fragments in this paragraph.
Yesterday, Vinny went shopping. After he finished his classes. He needed new running shoes. Because his old shoes were worn out and uncomfortable. Once he arrived at the store. He started trying on new shoes. Some shoes did not feel right, and some were too expensive. He tried onseveral pairs of shoes. Before finding the right ones which were the perfect fit and of the perfect price. When he went up to the cash register to pay for them. He found that his pockets were empty and that he had forgotten his wallet. He couldn’t find it anywhere. So he asked the sales clerk to hold the shoes for him. He would come back later. After he found his wallet at home. Where he hadprobably left it under a pile of books behind a pile of old cans. He kept in his room. He went home. Found his wallet, and returned to the shop to get his new shoes.
Find and correct the run-on sentences in this paragraph. There may be more than one way to make a correction.
Someday, I am going to take a trip around the world. I plan to spend six months on my trip, I expect to travelmostly by plane. My first stop will be in Hawaii I want to try surfing and visit a volcano. From Hawaii, I am going to fly to Japan, I also want to visit Korea, China, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. In each country, I am going to spend some time in the cities, I especially want to see Kyoto and Peking. I also hope to visit the countryside. After two months in Asia, I am going to fly to easternAfrica. I want to go on a photo safari to see wild animals, of course, I will have my camera. My next flight will take me north to Egypt, so I can see the pyramids, after that, I am going to travel to Istanbul. I look forward to spending the last part of my trip in the great cities of Europe, cities like Athens, Rome, Berlin, and Copenhagen. I am going to need a lot of money for this trip, so I amgoing to rob a bank to get it. I think I am going to need more than six months, however, I will just make adjustments to my itinerary as I go.
Good writing is a process. Writers follow a process that can help one write clear and correct paragraphs in English. The writing process looks something like this:

Take a moment to discuss thesequestions taking the above images into consideration:
• Where does the writing process begin?
• What is the next step?
• How does the process continue?
• What happens after a teacher returns a paper to a student?
The Steps in the Writing Process:
There are four basic steps in the process.
Prewrite Write Edit Write the Final Draft

Step 1: Prewrite
At this step, you begin to get ideasfor your paragraph. There are many ways to get ideas, such as brainstorming and freewriting.
Step 2: Write
The first time that you write a paragraph, your paper is called your first draft. Your work is not finished. Writing the first draft is only one step on the way to your final product.
Step 3: Edit
Editing is an important part of the writing process. Editing meanschecking for mistakes and making corrections. You can also make changes to the content—ideas and information in your paragraph. For example, you can add new information or move sentences. Always edit your writing before you show it to a classmate or to your teacher.
A good idea is to read slowly when checking for mistakes. Look at your paragraph word for word, one line at a time. Check forgrammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice.
Sometimes you will do peer review. Your classmates are your peers. When you do peer review, you work with a partner. You read and talk about each other’s paragraphs. You think about these things:
• The content
• The words and sentences
• The format
Then you give your partner feedback. When you give feedback, it is important to be...
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