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Access To MySQL Documentation
This documentation is a changing document. Most of the program is self explaining and need no further documentation. Play with it and find out what it can do.Content

• Prerequisites
• Installation
• Running the Program
• Command Line Interface
• Tips and Tricks
• Frequently Asked Questions


Before you are ableto run the program you need the following installed on your system:
• Microsoft Windows operating system
• Microsoft Access
• MySQL ODBC driver
Note: If you use MySQL Server 4.1or later you must have the ODBC version 3.51.10 or later.


The installation is very simple. Just download the setup program and run it. A wizard will guide you through theinstallation.

Running the Program

When you start the program it will display a wizard designed to guide you through the conversion of your Access database to a MySQL database.

Source Database

Selectthe Access database that you want to convert.

Destination Database

After selecting a source database you must specify the destination. The destination is a MySQL server or a dump file. Ifyou select the destination to be a dump file you must specify a file name of the dump file.
In case you want to transfer the source data directly to a MySQL server you must enter the connectionsettings for the server. It is important that the specified username and password are valid. Make sure that the specified user is allowed to connect to the server from the computer where the conversion isrun.
Since the introduction of MySQL 4.1 it is required that you connect to a specific database when you use ODBC. Hence, you must specify a database in the connection settings. This database doesnot serve any other purpose that connecting to the server. The connection database will not be modified during the transfer of data unless you have specified the same database as the destination...
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