Activitats del llibre "amistad"

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Chapters 1-3
Befare you read

1 Look at the Word List at the back of the book. Find the new words
in your dictionary. Then find on the list:

a two jobs. –Jury, Lawyer
b a person who must work but gets no money. -Slave
c people who must listen to a court case but do not speak until end of the case -Lawyer
d two metal things. –Chain, spike
e two things in a room. –Lamp, Ceiling2 Find these places on a map. Say where they are and which ocean
is between Sierra Leone and the other two.

a Sierra Leone (in the west of Africa)
b Havana Cuba(Is in central America)
c Connecticut, USA (in the north east of USA the ocean who separated is Atlantic Ocean.

3 Read the Introduction to the book. Answer these questions.
a Did the Africans on the Amistad want to goto the United

–No, they didn’t want it. They did want to go to Sierra Leone.

b In 1839, did all the states in the US agree about slavery?

-No they didn’t, only the states of the south.

c Who made the film called Amistad? Which other films has he made? How many of these films have you seen?

-Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan,and more films. Only I see Jurassic Park and Amistad.

While you read

4 Read Chapters 1-3 and put these sentences in the right order.
Write the numbers 1-10.

a The ship begins to sail back to África. 7
b It takes them to Connecticut. 10
c The slaves land because they need water. 6
d The kidnappers sell the Africans as slaves. 2
e The Amistad takes the slaves from Cuba. 4
f TwoSpanish sailors turn the ship around. 8
g The young Africans are kidnapped in Sierra Leone, África 1
h The US ship Washington catches the slaves.9
i A Spanish ship takes them to Havana, Cuba. 3
j The slaves break free and take the ship. 5

Afíer you read
5 Are these sentences true or untrue? Correct the untruones.
a Cinque is from Cuba. Untrue, Cinque is from Sierra Leone

b Cinqueand the other slaves kill everyone on the Amistad. Untrue, they didn’t kill Ruiz and Montes

c Ruiz turns the ship ¡n the night. True

d Cinque wants to die in the sea. True

e Gedney and Meade want to sell the slaves in Britain. Untrue, they want saved the Amistad.

f.The slaves go into prison in Connecticut. True

Chapters 4-6
Before you read

6 Cinque and the other slaves goto a US court. Look at these five possible results (a-e). Which do you think the court will decide? Discuss with another student.

a The slaves are murderers.

b Ruiz and Montes bought the slaves in Havana so the slaves are their property.

c Havana is in Cuba. Cuba belongs to Spain so the slaves are theproperty of the Spanish government.

d. Gedney and Meade saved the Amistad, sothe ship and everything on it belong to them.

e US law says you can only buy slaves if they were born slaves.But these Africans were born free, so
they are free people, not property.

While you read

7 Which person goes with which job?
Write the correct numbers.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a Martin Van Burén…9
b Leder Hammond…6
c Señor Calderón 7
d Theodore Joadson..3
e LewisTappan4
f Judge Judson 1
g William Holabird…8
h John Forsyth 5
i Roger Baldwin 2
j John Quincy Adams
a property lawyer
a university teacher
a newspaper owner
a US government secretary
the US president's secretary
an important man from Spain
a lawyer against the Africans
the president of the US
once president of the US

After you read

8 Answer these questions.

A. If thereis a problem, you find the answer to it.' Why does Martin Van Burén say this to his secretary, Hammond? (Give 2 reasons)

b Why does Theodore Joadson decide to help the slaves?
- Because he remembered the time in the past when he was a slave and he knew that the ‘slaves’ needed help, he thought that the newspaper was telling only one side of the story.

c Why does Lewis Tappan decide to...
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