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what is an Adjective?
An adjective is a word that tells us more about a noun or a pronoun. An adjective describes or modifies a noun.
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Adjectives quizzes and lists:
List of adjectives
Spelling of adjectives
Adjective lists that follow each topic are only partial ones.
Three Questions
Adjectives usuallyanswer three questions about the nouns they describe:
1. What kind of?
I found a red rose in the cave.
What kind of rose? Red
2. How many?
Three tickets, please.
How many tickets? Three.
3.Which one(s)?
I would eat these muffins.
Which muffins? These.
Kinds of adjectives
1. Demonstrative adjective
this, that, these, those are called demonstrative adjectives. They point outnouns.
They always answer the question which one?
In the following example, demonstrative adjectives are shown in color.
Lets play this game and later watch that movie.

Remember that this, that,these, those can also act as demonstrative pronouns in which case they are not followed by nouns (as demonstrative adjectives are), but take the place of nouns.
In the following example,demonstrative pronouns are shown in color.
Lets play this and later watch that.
2. Common adjective is just a simple, regular adjective. It describes a noun in a general way.
sharp, flexible, hot, red,hidden, dripping, nice, huge.
3. Proper adjective is derived from a proper noun and is capitalized.
Proper noun Proper adjective
China Chinese
California Californian
Mars Martian
Spain SpanishChristianity Christian
Japan Japanese
Hollywood Hollywood
Texas Texas
Sometimes, as in last two examples, a proper noun does not change at all to become a proper adjective.

Where an adjectivegoes in a sentence
Usually an adjective comes in front of the noun it is describing.
The big balloon floated over the dark sea.
An adjective can also come after a linking verb, like to be, and...
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