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Degrees of comparison.

1.-As in Spanish, when we compare people or things, qualities or attributes contrasted by adjectives in different levels: positive, comparative and superlative.

* Positive: denotes the quality in the simplest degree.
a good man | un hombre bueno |
| |
| |
* Comparison: denotes a greater degree, or less, comparing two things.The comparison can be "equal" when the degree to which the adjective is shown in both elements of the comparison is equal.

Mark is as tall as Peter | Mark es tan alto como Peter |

Also of "inferiority" when what we want to emphasize is that the degree to which the adjective occurs in an element is less than what occurs in the other element.

Mark is less tall than Peter | Markes menos alto que Peter |
| |
Finally, the comparison may be of "superiority" when we mean that the level reaches the adjective in one of the elements is greater than the one shown in the other.
Mark is taller than Peter | Mark es más alto que Peter |
| |
* Superlative: denotes the quality in the highest degree.
The superlative can be "relative" quality compared with other elements.The best man in the world | El mejor hombre del mundo |

It can also be "absolute" when the quality does not compare with any other element and possesses at its maximum.
A very good man | Un hombre buenísimo |

2 .- The comparison of equality.

The comparative degree of equality is constructed by inserting the positive adjective in the structure as ... as (Tan .. as).

Behind the secondace can be used:

The subject pronoun: He is as tall as she.
The object pronoun: He is as tall as her.
The subject pronoun + auxiliary verb: He is as tall as she is.

3 .- The comparative inferiority.
This comparison is positive degree form the structure sandwiched less ... Than (.. menos. that).
She is less clever than you | Ella es menos lista que tú. |
| |
Although this structure isgrammatically correct, is little used, substituting, for reasons of courtesy, the comparison of negative equity.
She is not as clever as you | Ella no es tan lista como tú. |
4 .- Adjectives "short" and "long".

To form the comparative and superlative degree of adjectives, adjectives distinguishes between "short" and "long".

* Within the group of so-called Court, including:

1.Monosyllables: tall, long, short, ...
2. The bisyllabic ending in-y,-er,-le,-ow: happy, tender, humble, narrow, ...
3. The bisyllabic that are accentuated on the last syllable: polite, Profound, sincere, ...

* In the group of long, others go all bisyllabic and polysyllabic: conceited, stubborn, intelligent, ...

5 .- Formation of the comparative and superlative:
A) The shortadjectives form the comparative and superlative as follows:
* Comparison: adding-er.
* superlative: adding-est.

Positive | Comparative | Superlative |
Tall | taller | tallest |
Long | longer | longest |
short | shorter | shortest |
happy | happier | happiest |
tender | tenderer | tenderest |
humble | humbler | humblest |
narrow | narrower | narrowest |
polite | politer |politest |
profound | profounder | profoundest |
sincere | sincerer | sincerest |

6 .- Considerations for the formation of comparative and superlative adjectives short.

To form the comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives "short" should be taken into account the following considerations:

Those ending in-e add only-r and-st.
sincere | sincerer | sincerest |
nice | nicer |nicest |

2. Those ending in-y preceded by a consonant, change the "y" with "i".
greedy | greedier | greediest |
easy | easier | easiest |
dry | drier | driest |
As an exceptión to this rule are the following adjetives:
shy | shyer/shier | shyest/shiest |
sly | slyer | slyest |
spry | spryer | spryest |
wry | wryer | wryest |

3. Those ending in-y preceded by a vowel, keep the...
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