Adjetivos Demostrativos

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Ejemplos de Adverbios de Frecuencia

I often go to the cinema.
She sometimes visits me at home.
We usually drink coffee.
I go to the cinema twice a week.
She take these tablets three days aweek.
You change the sheets once a week
I meet him several times a year.
She visit my parents once a month.
I usually go to gym.
He sometimes play video games.
I always watch TV.
He often call tomy friends.
You never do homework.
He sometimes see to my cousins.
She rarely listen to music.
I never run in the park.
I sometimes go out with my friends.
I always drink a cup of coffee.
Theyalways get classes.
You never charge the phone.
I sometimes draw stuffs
She never can decide.
I never read.
He sometimes fight in Karate.
I always pray.
We sometimes sing in chorus.
He rarelyburn the trash.
You always travel to the United States.
He never ride the bicycle.
I rarely remember the past day.
They always speak in spanish.
I always walk with my dog.

I always have cornflakes for breakfast.
The kids rarely do homework.
I sometimes play soccer.
The kid always buy candies.
They always go to the school.
My mom always cook.
He always says lies.
She do thegrocery in the mall two times of the week.
They drink alcohol three times of the week.
She rarely iron her hair.
He rarely sleep in the sofa.
She often write in the board.
The paint the home once ofthe month.
I seldom have breakfast.
We never smoke.
I often go to the bed.
My father always goes to work by bus.
I always water the plants three times of the week.
We never go to the mountains.They usually drive.
I play tennis twice of the week.
We always go to the beach.
I always read books.
She never drinks coffee.
I never plant potatoes.
We rarely eat pizza.
He always visit to hisgrandmother.
I sometimes play soccer.
It sometimes rain.
You often dine at Peter.
Ben sometimes goes to the threater.
Mr. Robin seldom drives at night.
Jack usually go out with his friends....
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