Advanges and disadvanges of being a university student

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Advantages and disadvantages of being a university student.

Being a university students involves changes in life such as leave the family, moving out, some work to pay the expenses,university degree gives the graduated more opportunities, it increases your career prospect our exigencies change and the student’s life style changes according to the new responsibilities of theundergraduate, social, monetary even emotional aspects of his life change; a university is a place where the learner meets people with different thinking ways, subcultures of the society,economic status, and so on.

Socially talking college is a mixture of people once you get in new friendships come to your life and your social circles are expanded getting in contact withpeople that are great influence in your personal development, some positively lining up your scattered aspirations, but there is people who puts you away of your goals and spectation of thedegree.

The previous knowledge that the student was exposed during the school creates interest and passion in a specific subject, motivating or giving confidence to choose a degree basingon the acquired taste. When students are deciding what they want to study they face different difficulties, the choice has to be taken according to the ICFES score, the monetary situation, ifthe degree can be studied locally then the undergraduate has a difficult decision ahead, to study an available degree but not the dreamed one.

Social and emotional are very importantfactors on the student, they influence academic performance, also students behavior is affected, the more relations the student has the better his performance.

Tree Diagram
Advantages anddisadvanges of being a university student

Emotional Social
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