The pressures of being a student

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The Pressures of Being a Student

Human beings have found recourses in order to keep alive the industry. Important recourses like inventions, medicine among other. One of the most maindetails of these changes is education; and which necessary is for the civilization. Education from the kinder Garden to University has many problems or pressures; they are challenges for all the students,who want to become professional in the future. There are several pressures for Costa Rican students such as economic, social and emotional; this can make the different between students in theirlearning process.

Nowadays is difficult for some students get into education process, because of economic problems. Without caring where students are; Elementary School, High School andUniversity. Some parents prefer if their child get low grades in the high school, they take a decision to draw out the child in order to get a job. People know that that decision is worse, but it happens alot in Costa Rican families. However the government gives the opportunity to get a scholarship to keep children inside the educational system. This is one of the solutions that students with seriouseconomic problems keep studying every day.

Another pressure students have is social problems, but not problems with the society. It is about relation between students and why notrelationships. The problem is that one student, who likes to talk with people, more social, also dynamic; this student will have the opportunity to express himself, and his own ideas about whatever he wants, andhis development is going to be better than one student who does not like to be social, because of this student is going to be shy and this is the problem that teachers and students have to avoid. Asolution can be when teachers are teaching, they have to involucrate all the students. The students will feel more confidence and his development is going to be better with the pass of the time....
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