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The most common frequency adverbs in English are:
|Always |100% of the time |
|Frequently |about 90% of the time |
|Usually|about 80% of the time |
|Often |about 70% of the time |
|Sometimes |about 50% of the time |
|Occasionally|about 40% of the time |
|Seldom |about 20% of the time |
|Rarely |about 10% of the time |
|Never|about 00% of the time |

I always come to work on time.
They are seldom home when we call.
He's usually eating breakfast at this time.
She's never been to Maine.
A: Do you come hereoften?
B: Yes. I'm here occasionally.
A: What do you usually do here?
B: Sometimes I just sit and ponder the meaning of life.
Note: The adverbs seldom, rarely, never and hardly ever are considerednegative.
A: Do you always carry a briefcase?
B: (Yes,) I usually do.
No, I usually don't.
No, I rarely do.
No, I hardly ever do.
Other frequency adverbs andexpressions are as follows:
Every day/week/month
Every other day/week
Once a week/month/year
Twice a year/day, etc.
(Every) once in a while
Every so often
Theseexpressions are used at the beginning and end of sentences, not before main verbs.
Every once in a while I visit my grandmother in Minnesota.
I visit my grandmother in Minnesota everyonce in a while.
I every once in a while visit my grandmother in Minnesota. (Incorrect)
|Regularly |(according to schedule) |
|Normally |(commonlynowadays) |
|Traditionally |(commonly in the past) |

These words can come at various points in the sentence.
I regularly floss my teeth....
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